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How to Get Grounded: The Power of Visualization

As I’ve discussed in previous posts, shifting awareness into the body is the essence of getting grounded and visualization is a powerful tool to facilitate this shift. First, it is important to understand that the mind “thinks” in the form of images. Visualization is the practice of focusing the mind and imagination using imagery. Human beings[…]

Benefits of Being Grounded

So, why would anyone want to be grounded? Why not?  All areas of life improve when one is deeply grounded and consistently practicing simple grounding techniques. First, it really does feel great. If you are a snowboarder (like me), you can compare the feeling of being grounded to that state of being you feel when[…]

How to be Happy: Experience Thoughts and Feelings Fully

NPR’s story entitled “Rethinking Tinnitus: When the Ringing Won’t Stop, Clear Your Mind” explains that the old strategy of eliminating the constant ringing people with Tinnitus are plagued with is being rethought. New research from the University of San Francisco suggests that rather than “not thinking” about the pain caused by tinnitus, practicing mindfulness of[…]

How to Quiet the Mind With Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques are very effective methods to quiet the mind and begin getting grounded. I will also address some effective awareness techniques the help bring the mind’s attention into the present in my next blog. Breathing oxygenates the blood, carrying vital life force to the body. So, by focusing our conscious mind’s attention on the[…]

Quiet the Mind: The First Step to Getting Grounded and Thinking Positively

When the mind is quiet,  it is like an antenna on a T.V. Without the static and interference of thoughts,  all the signals around you (sounds, colors, smells, feelings, intuition, etc.) are more acute and, usually, more pleasant. A state of awareness is realized that may even feel a little magical. This place of silent[…]

What does it mean to be grounded?

When you are grounded you are fully present, your mind is still, and you are completely focused. It is from this place of being grounded that we operate most effectively and therefore are optimized for success in any endeavor. To be grounded is to experience a state of peaceful awareness from where one is most[…]

I am vivacious

I am lively and animated in an attractive and positive way. When I get excited about a idea, activity, or some external thing, vivaciousness bubbles up within me and spreads infectiously to those in my presence. My movements become larger, I laugh harder, smile bigger, and talk louder. Ultimately, this is all the result of[…]

Positive News: First “Functional Cure” for HIV

There is a cure for HIV. There is a cure for cancer. There is a cure for MS and Parkinson’s. There is a cure for every virus and disease… we just need to find them. Thinking positively that cures actually exist to be found is the first step. The second is thinking positively that we,[…]

Thinking Positively May Save Your Life

Thought is power. One of the greatest examples of this is the placebo effect. Give someone a sugar pill, tell them it is a drug that can help alleviate or cure what is ailing them, and their belief in the effectiveness of the “drug” will create statistically relevant changes. The reality is that the pill[…]

Positivity Survey at Arizona State University – Think Positive Apparel

Think Positive Apparel went to Arizona State University (ASU) and asked some of the students there these two questions: 1. Given any situation, is it more advantageous to have a positive attitude? 2. What do you do to switch from a negative attitude to a positive attitude? The results to the first were unanimous: positivity[…]

Positive Mental Attitude – Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill is one of the original personal growth advocates. In 1908, Andrew Carnegie commissioned Hill to interview 500 successful people to create a formula that anyone could comprehend and achieve. From that research Napoleon Hill developed what he called the “Philosophy of Achievement”. One of the cornerstones of this philosophy is having a positive[…]

The Think Positive Apparel Philosophy

The “I am” statements that comprise the Think Positive Apparel clothing line are all attributes any of us are capable of taking on at any time. Think of them like superpowers that you can select from to aid you in any particular situation. Whether it is to go on a job interview, have a tough[…]

6 Steps to Improving Your Chances of Success

Here is a simple series of steps that will support you in accomplishing what you want: Step 1: Clarify your objective. Step 2: Do you believe it is possible to achieve? Notice that we are not asking if it is probable, only if it is possible. Step 3: Think about what it looks like to[…]

Creation vs Destruction – Positive vs Negative

Often, when I talk about positive thinking, some one regurgitates back to me a seemingly innate concept that was allegedly once an actual scientific study; “Positive people are often happier; however, pessimistic people are more often right.” Perhaps the following explains why that is… if it even is… It is easier to destroy than create.[…]