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You Are an Entrepreneur of Life!

You Are an Entrepreneur of Life!

An entrepreneur “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” -Winston Churchill

Whether you work for someone else or run your own company, you are an entrepreneur. I’m not talking about your professional life. I’m talking about the company of YOU.

Erin Schurenberg from inc.com wrote a fantastic article called, “What’s an Entrepreneur? The Best Answer Ever”. In it he relays this definition from Howard Stevenson, a Harvard Business School professor, 37 years ago:

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.

This is how exciting and liberated lives are lived! Going after what you want (opportunity) without letting your fears, limiting beliefs, or lack of a clear path get in the way? Imagine a world where people only pursued opportunities that their current resources logically allowed for.

Dream big and chase opportunity with a passion! The resources you currently control are simply a means to and end of the life you want. There are a multitude of potential solutions to resource issues. Resources are only a mechanism to get what you want. The key is knowing and going after what you want!

Like any company you have to have a vision, set goals, surround yourself with and make proper use of the right talent (friends, partners, family members), install systems that make you effective (meditation, exercise, creative endeavors), take action, learn from results, adapt, and take more action.

“Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage.”
-Niccolo Machiavelli

So, I encourage you to hold on to this Entrepreneurship definition. Recognize in your own life where you are pursuing opportunities and where you are limiting yourself because of regard to resources you currently control…. Thinking positively means that you believe you are capable of finding the resources (solutions) to allow you to accomplish anything possible that you desire. You are capable of being the greatest entrepreneur of your life. Do it.

What do you think of the analogy that your life is a company and you are the entrepreneur? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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