Who is the Witness?

Who is the Witness?

You are the witness

Who is the Witness?

You are the witness. You witness the events occurring outside of your body. You also witness the emotions and thoughts occurring inside your body and mind. The trouble starts when you STOP realizing you are the witness and you START believing those emotions and thoughts are, in fact, you. Forgetting that you are the witness to these events is forgetting your true nature. Associating and attaching one’s identity directly with thoughts and emotions, one becomes deluded and unclear. This state of awareness is often referred to as the “ego” or “ego identity”.  It is absolutely essential for you to understand that this is NOT you and that your True Self has always been there, just waiting to be remembered. When it is, there is a vast space of peace, love, gratitude, and abundance waiting for you. This is the Awakening process.

To make this concept more clear, have you ever heard a child refer to him or herself in the third person, saying something like “Jimmy is tired” or “Cindy is sad”? This is the sign of a healthy mind, realizing Cindy is sad, but not internalizing, associating, and becoming sadness. Cindy is, in fact, witnessing her emotional state.  An awareness of sadness exists, but Cindy does not become the sadness. There is less attachment to being sad with this awareness. Without being attached to the sadness, the emotion may come and go more easily. In this state of awareness, the emotion passes easily and effortlessly. It is eventually replaced with the child’s true nature: loving, compassionate, and joyful. Think of your experience with children and you will realize how their state of being can switch so quickly because they are not attached.

I’m here to tell you today that this ability is not lost to you. You can reclaim this state of being by becoming the Witness to your True Nature! Please keep reading these blogs, go out and learn more on your own (Check out Eckhart Tolle’s books). An, join us in our Daily Grounding Sessions to learn skills and techniques to realize the Witness in you and reawaken your True Nature.


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