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What Do You Want?

What Do You Want?

How often do you ask yourself the question, “What do I really want?”?

How clear are you on the answer?

Recently turning 38 years old, I’ve spent most of that time somewhat unclear on what I truly want in this life. Don’t get me wrong here. There were many times I THOUGHT I knew what would “make me happy”. Usually the things I thought about were with regard to career direction, geographic location, and having (or not having) a certain type of romantic relationship. Reflecting now, I can see that there were a few underlying constants and that everything else that I “wanted” was constantly changing and evolving. With the understanding now that absolutely nothing in this life can “make me happy” and that peace and joy are inner states of being to be realized, the experiences I’ve had make much more sense to me now.

What I “want” now is much more general and no longer has to look a particular way in my life. I want peace. I want love. I want health. I want fun. I want joy. I want abundance in all areas of my life. The beautiful thing here is that all of these things are inherently true to me, and you, already. When I stopped trying to “figure out” what kind of external circumstances would bring me these things, I miraculously found a greater degree of peace, joy, love, and health without doing a single other thing. I have all of these things within me . . . and so do you! You need only remember this truth. In fact, you can do away with the idea of “wanting” altogether, if you choose. Realizing that “wanting” is a construct of the ego mind (and this is neither good nor bad), you can step aside from this construct and simply “be”. And, when you do, more and more of the people, events, and opportunities are going to show up your life.

There is certainly more to it than just “letting go” of “wants” in order to have all the abundance and health that the universe has to offer, however this is a crucial first step. For example, getting and staying grounded is essential to living free of the worries and doubts that make it so hard to surrender.  Read more about getting grounded in my other blogs, join us for daily grounding sessions to begin making this a part of your life, and keep reading more blogs as I explore this concept and how to embrace it in your life.

In my next blog, “Flow”, you may experience this closed-eye visualization to get a sense of how it can feel to let go of your “wants” and “desires” and simply “be”.


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