featured image for the blog Three Tips For Positivity from Kalyn’s Yogi Talk Interview

Three Tips For Positivity from Kalyn’s Yogi Talk Interview

Three Tips For Positivity from Kalyn’s Yogi Talk Interview

Kalyn Lapidus gives three tips for positivity in this interview on Yogi Talk with Steph Villegas.

The key to mastering positivity (and anything) is awareness! Thinking positively is the most important thing in the world because we are magnetic creatures that attract what we think. And not just fleeting thoughts, although those are important indicators, but the deeply rooted thoughts as well that flow through even our subconscious. Here are three simple and effective steps anyone can take to gain positive momentum:

1. Harness Stillness

The ability to quiet our thoughts and still our minds is a muscle that can be strengthened through practicing proper technique. Meditation, yoga, tai chi, and mindfulness training all start with the same foundation… the breath. Learning to breathe for stillness is different than breathing for exertion or to sustain life.

With a still mind, unattached to the river of thoughts, we create space for more awareness. And through awareness we stoke the fires of positivity. Positivity is about seeing the possibility for what you want.

2. Positive Affirmations

The right attitude in the right moment is like a super power. When we still our minds, more often than not, the right super power emerges on its own. There are other times, when stillness is not yet achieved, where using positive affirmations (not to be confused with bragging) can help us not only achieve stillness but call forth that useful attitude.

There are no real rules for using affirmations but I am of the opinion that they are most effective if used in conjunction with a series of deep breaths and right before taking action. Think about them and then find stillness of the mind by taking action. Take a deep breath, say to yourself “I am a captivating public speaker”, and then walk on stage and give your speech. Affirmations are a great way to interrupt a non-productive thought patterns to free us up for action!

Sometimes it is hard to believe some of the affirmations that would be most useful in a specific circumstance. In those cases try journaling bout times in your life you have truly been that attitude.

Remember, positive thinking equates to balance. If you find yourself thinking negatively about yourself you are simply out of balance. Awareness of this will help us regain our balance quicker!

3. Align Your Environment with Your Intentions

When your internal thoughts match your external environment you can think of yourself in harmony. Our environment consists of where and how we live but also the other people of our lives. One of the things that distinguish humans from other animals is how we modify our environments to fit our wants and needs (unfortunately not always in a positive way because of lack of awareness).

If you are thinking loving and kind thoughts but surrounded by people spewing hatred and violence you can imagine how much more effort it would take to maintain those positive vibes. So like a good human being we begin RESPONSIBLY improving our environment. Spending less time with the people dragging us down and more time with the people who lift us up. Leaving a job that drains us for a career we love. Finding artistic ways to express ourselves. Spending time learning new skills and information. And so forth and so on…. As Steph Villegas says in this interview with Kalyn, “You can’t fly with the eagles if you hang with the crows*!”.

What do you think of these steps? Have you used any personally? Did they work? What are your tips for positivity? Leave a message below and let us know!

Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It solesly relies on what you think.

*not including the Night’s Watch of course! 😉

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  • Avatar for Joe Joe says:

    I found the thoughts shared on this page to be very helpful. I will put them to active use. Much of what I read, resonated within me at a deep level. Thank you.

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