Giraffe Design Made of Affirmations About the Symbolism of the Giraffe

Giraffe Design Made of Affirmations About the Symbolism of the Giraffe

Our Giraffe Design is made out of affirmations relevant to the symbolism of the giraffe.

Our Giraffe design screen printed on a ladies flowy racerback tank top in mauve

SYMBOLISM OF THE GIRAFFE: Getting a higher view — seeing the big picture — vision

Giraffes’ most obvious traits is their long necks. Practically speaking this gives them a great advantage at finding food since so few animals can reach where they can. But the other big advantage of a long neck is the ability to see much further than lower animals. This gives them the ability to see danger coming earlier. With great height comes great vision. With a higher view of things you can more easily see the whole picture or the big picture. In turn, you will have a better understanding of the full situation allowing you to better understand your options. And allowing you to more easily see the path leading you towards your goal.

SYMBOLISM OF THE GIRAFFE: Rising Above — Patience — Gentle Demeanor

When we rise above a situation we are letting go of our ego. We become a witness to what is happening without getting emotionally wrapped up in reacting to it. Giraffes literally rise above. But in a mindful sense they seem to move with great intention. Outside of dangerous situations they move slowly and with care. This serves them well in a hot environment. It also gives someone watching them the impression that they have a very gentle demeanor and great patience. When we rise above a situation it will be fleeting if we do not combine it with patience. Patience with ourselves and with others.

A closer look at our Giraffe design screen printed on a ladies flowy racerback tank top in mauve

SYMBOLISM OF THE GIRAFFE: Gracefulness — Dignified — Confident

Giraffe’s have incredibly long legs that appear slender but are incredibly powerful. one of their best defenses is a mighty kick with their back legs. Most species protect their necks at all costs. Giraffes expose theirs in such an exaggerated way it is hard not to feel their confidence. They gracefully swing long limbs and their long neck with no sign of clumsiness. There is also a strong sense of dignity with someone that is standing tall and rising above the lure of the ego. Keep your head held high and feel your power as you gracefully move through this world.

SYMBOLISM OF THE GIRAFFE: Stretching towards your best self

The giraffe reminds us to stretch towards our best self. With a better understanding of the big picture we can see our role in it more clearly in it. At any given moment we can strive for the best version of our self by rising above the ego.

Our Giraffe design screen printed on a men's crew neck t-shirt in green


Giraffes represent having a clear perception of the truth. This symbolism can be attributed to having their heads so high to see the farther into the horizon and thus the big picture. Another contributing fact about giraffes to this notion of perceiving truth is their two ossicones on top of their heads at their crown chokra. Some people look at those as antenna that allow them to tap into the spirit realm. With this extra sensory perception comes the ability to see more than just what is visually before us. We can exhibit foresight and see future trends.

SYMBOLISM OF THE GIRAFFE: Heightened awareness

Giraffes only sleep for roughly five minute increments adding up to no more than 30 minutes every 24 hours. So in pure minutes of alertness per day giraffes are practically unrivaled. Combine this with the view from their tall neck perches allowing them to see further and you have an extreme example of heightened awareness. While sleeping so little would undoubtedly dull a human’s cognitive functions the notion that we can be even more aware in any given situation is a nice connection to this aspect of the symbolism of the giraffe. When we take on the spirit of the giraffe we are opening ourselves to becoming even more aware of the abundance of opportunities surrounding us all the time.

Expansion of Awareness

Speaking of awareness… The affirmations in the Giraffe design expand from the “I am” statements, to ‘You are’, and then ‘We are’. This represents a pattern everyone goes through over and over again as we begin new endeavors. Take learning yoga for example. I start in my own head having an internal experience centered on how I am doing a new act. Then I look at you and compare my way to yours. Finally, when we are simply doing the act with everyone else doing it, we are all together flowing as a ‘we’. All three stages are important and a part of the process.

Affirmations in this Giraffe design

Here are all of the affirmations we used in this design. All of them are relevant to the symbolism of the giraffe:

· I am seeing the big picture
· You are applying foresight
· We are making healthy choices
· I am creating opportunity
· You are unique
· We are reaching
· I am being true to myself
· You are meditating
· We are quietly observing
· I am finding courage
· You are maintaining balance
· We are exuding dignity
· I am graceful
· You are moving deliberately
· We are surefooted
· I am keeping my head up
· You are kind
· We are reaching for the stars
· I am aspiring
· You are questioning current perspectives
· We are envisioning good things
· I am patient
· You are growing spiritually
· We are honorable
· I am growing
· You are moving slowly
· We are maintaining balance
· I am walking my talk
· You are trusting instincts
· We are contemplating
· I am setting big goals
· You are confident
· We are discovering new opportunities
· I am keep goals in plain sight
· You are exuding dignity
· We are fabulous
· I am applying foresight
· You are empathetic
· We are walking our talk
· I am remaining grounded
· You are keeping your head up
· We are tender hearted
· I am envisioning good things
· You are reconnecting
· We are in tune
· I am standing tall
· You are stretching
· We are seeing the big picture
· I am elegant
· You are powerful
· We are powerful
· I am striving
· You are looking far into the horizon
· We are finding courage
· I am flexible
· You are in tune
· We are trusting instincts
· I am moving deliberately
· You are protecting
· We are creating opportunity
· I am fabulous
· You are connecting with your higher self
· We are elegant
· I am empathetic
· You are bold
· We are taking aim at tall targets
· I am rising above
· You are growing
· We are sense what’s coming
· I am engaging with unique perspectives
· You are taking the high road
· We are standing strong
· I am seeing more clearly
· You are creating opportunity
· We are meditating
· I am grateful
· You are taking aim at tall targets
· We are keep goals in plain sight
· I am honorable
· You are rising above the crowd
· We are seeing the context
· I am maintaining balance
· You are quietly observing
· We are rising above
· I am protecting
· You are seeing future trends
· We are respected
· I am intuitive
· You are gentle
· We are growing spiritually
· I am trusting instincts
· You are walking gently
· We are keeping our heads up
· I am unique
· You are making healthy choices
· We are quieting the mind
· I am looking far into the horizon
· You are standing strong
· We are patient
· I am tender hearted
· You are finding courage
· We are graceful
· I am adhering to a strong personal code
· You are seeing the context
· We are flexible
· I am moving slowly
· You are gaining perspective
· We are stretching
· I am bold
· You are being true yourself
· We are perceiving truth
· I am wisely using resources
· You are elegant
· We are connecting with our higher selves
· I am taking the high road
· You are quieting the mind
· We are questioning current perspectives
· I am in tune
· You are aspiring
· We are grateful
· I am gaining perspective
· You are seeking the best in life
· We are confident
· I am questioning current perspectives
· You are striving
· We are protecting
· I am gentle
· You are fabulous
· We are wisely using resources
· I am meditating
· You are walking your talk
· We are moving slowly
· I am reconnecting
· You are intuitive
· We are walking gently
· I am stretching
· You are seeing the big picture
· We are reconnecting
· I am contemplating
· You are reaching for the stars
· We are rising up to challenges
· I am sense what’s coming
· You are flexible
· We are bold
· I am seeking the best in life
· You are rising up to challenges
· We are looking far into the horizon
· I am heightening awareness
· You are remaining grounded
· We are growing
· I am reaching
· You are centered
· We are standing tall
· I am reaching for the stars
· You are adhering to a strong personal code
· We are gentle
· I am confident
· You are reaching
· We are seeking the best in life
· I am respected
· You are envisioning good things
· We are empathetic
· I am growing spiritually
· You are engaging with unique perspectives
· We are unique
· I am exuding dignity
· You are perceiving truth
· We are engaging with unique perspectives
· I am kind
· You are rising above
· We are seeing future trends
· I am rising up to challenges
· You are setting big goals
· We are striving
· I am powerful
· You are honorable
· We are centered
· I am walking gently
· You are tender hearted
· We are seeing more clearly
· I am centered
· You are discovering new opportunities
· We are kind
· I am connecting with my higher self
· You are seeing more clearly
· We are aspiring
· I am standing strong
· You are heightening awareness
· We are being true ourselves
· I am seeing the context
· You are graceful
· We are intuitive
· I am quieting the mind
· You are sense what’s coming
· We are gaining perspective
· I am quietly observing
· You are keep goals in plain sight
· We are remaining grounded
· I am making healthy choices
· You are grateful
· We are adhering to a strong personal code
· I am thoughtful
· You are standing tall
· We are applying foresight
· I am seeing future trends
· You are patient
· We are heightening awareness
· I am rising above the crowd
· You are surefooted
· We are thoughtful
· I am discovering new opportunities
· You are wisely using resources
· We are moving deliberately
· I am perceiving truth
· You are thoughtful
· We are setting big goals
· I am taking aim at tall targets
· You are respected
· We are rising above the crowd
· I am surefooted
· You are contemplating
· We are taking the high road

A closer look at our Giraffe design screen printed on a men's crew neck t-shirt in green

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