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Street Interviews: Tips for Positive Communication

Street Interviews: Tips for Positive Communication

Much like the inhale and exhale of the breath, communicating has two major components: both listening and expressing. Communication is a skill that is endlessly improvable.

Watch this video of street interviewer magnifique Ron Cecchetti asking some positive thinkers at the Hillcrest Farmers Market in San Diego, California: What are some tips for bettering our positive communication?

Here is the full text transcript from the video:

What are some tips for bettering our positive communication?

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RON CECCHETTI: What are your ideas for bettering positive communication?

RESPONDER 1: To speak from the heart, to speak truth, and look at the bigger picture where you are trying to go. So, as a community you want to create a world around you that has creativity, imagination, positivity, growth, sustainability, and you do that through your words. Your words create a harmonious connection to reality. So you keep it positive, you keep it alert, and you keep it awake, and you keep people inspired through positivity.

RESPONDER 2: I am a big supporter of the think positive evolution. I think communicating positivity all the time is the key for good communication.

RESPONDER 3: For positive communication? Good eye contact is always vital in communication. Just being really open with everybody, I think that’s a really good… that’s my best tip for positive communication.

RESPONDER 4: So I think positive communication you need to assume positive intent and be honest in your communication. So if both people are assuming that the person they are communicating with is being honest and knows that they are being truthful, then I think it leads to good, healthy communication.

RON CECCHETTI: Alright, so, what are your tips for better communication?

RESPONDER 5: More education on other people and other people’s lifestyles, or religions, or anything like that.

RESPONDER 6: Positive communication… always compliment someone. Find the positives in someone and, even if it’s just one small thing, notice it and make a comment about it to that person.

RESPONDER 7: Listening, understanding, and, once again, compassion.

RESPONDER 8: To respect other people and be positive mindset.

RESPONDER 9: What are my ideas on bettering positive communication? I think you need to be gentle with yourself and have like a clear mind of what it is you are trying to communicate to people.




RESPONDER 9: That’s what i can come up with right now.

What are your tips for bettering Positive Communication? Leave a comment bellow and let us know! What have you learned about positively listening and expressing yourself?

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