Street Interviews: What are your favorite things about humanity?

Watch this video of street interviewer extraordinaire Ron Cecchetti asking some positive thinkers at the Hillcrest Farmers Market in San Diego, California: What are your favorite things about humanity?

Here is the full text transcript from the video:

What are your favorite things about humanity?

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>>RON CECCHETTI: What are your favorite things about humanity?

>>RESPONDER 1: My favorite thing about humanity, coming to places like this. Experiencing different parts of life. Just getting to know… getting to know people. Yeah, my favorite part about humanity.

>>RESPONDER 2: I think our potential. Yeah and i think like the little things. I think constantly I’ll be like, “Ugh, I’m in a crappy day.” and then you see something really, really awesome.


>>RESPONDER 2: Whether it’s someone like, I don’t know, helping someone across the street or something really, really small. Someone just like, smiling at you or, like, giving you like a goofy wave even if you don’t know them. I think like those small, little things are awesome. And then the potential… If we… if we have those small, positive, awesome things… I don’t know, I just think like, what are the potentials on a grander scale?

>>RESPONDER 3: Oooh… that we are always there for each other. I think that we… yeah, it’s like the collective part that we are always there for each other and we’ll never let one another… I don’t know… let one another just like perish like that. I think that we are always taken care of.

>>RESPONDER 4: Things about humanity? I think there is so much of us. And crowded buses because when you get to be with everybody. And when everybody is hanging on to the rails, you see that everybody has thumbs. And you look across and you go, “Oh my gosh! Everybody is the same!”. That’s just one of the little ways.

>>RON CECCHETTI: That’s funny.

>> RESPONDER 4: Yeah, that’s one thing I did once.

>>RESPONDER 5: That we are all creation of God. We… you know, God loves us.

>>RESPONDER 6: All of the children born on this planet. Mankind is a very strange and surreal thing. And in its essence it’s beautiful, it’s light, it’s love, it’s wonder, and somehow Think Positive puts that all on into tiny words on my big chest.

>>RESPONDER 7: My favorite things about humanity are our willingness and ability to change.

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When we consider our favorite qualities of being a human being, we are really narrowing down what separates us from all of the other animals. Even though we are all connected and part of the same whole; recognizing the patterns with in the oneness furthers our understanding of where we fit within the ever unfolding causes and effects that make up our universe.

What are your favorite things about humanity? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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