Quiet the Mind: The First Step to Getting Grounded and Thinking Positively

Yoga Tree Pose merging with a lotus flower and made entirely from positive affirmations by Think Positive Apparel

Yoga Tree Pose merging with a lotus flower and made entirely from positive affirmations by Think Positive Apparel

When the mind is quiet,  it is like an antenna on a T.V. Without the static and interference of thoughts,  all the signals around you (sounds, colors, smells, feelings, intuition, etc.) are more acute and, usually, more pleasant. A state of awareness is realized that may even feel a little magical. This place of silent mind is peaceful, glorious and free to visit as often as you like.

Think of the mind as a book. Since the beginning of our lives, chapter after chapter has been written in this book without really thinking about it. Ironically, we are not thinking about what we are thinking about most of the time.  Half-hazardly jotted down in the book is a jumbled mess of  of our own personal, unconscious interpretations of life experiences.   Often cluttered with limiting thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, this story usually holds us at least some aspects of our lives . “Life is hard. I don’t have enough money. I can’t afford that. i don’t deserve that.  She would never go out with me. He is way out of my league. I’m too fat. My breasts are too small. My butt is too big .  . . .” the voices go on and on. These voices, feelings, and fears of the monkey mind are a book full of bullpucky lies that are holding you back from having what you deserve. Quieting the mind is like turning to a fresh, blank page; the first step to writing new pages full of thoughts and beliefs that support what you really want and deserve in life.

The feeling associated with a quiet mind is difficult to describe.  You really have to be there to feel it for yourself . . . and you have.  We’ve all been there because it is our natural state. Maybe you find that sense of peace fishing, snowboarding, running, or after making love. My mother finds the silence and gets grounded by literally digging in the dirt.  She escapes to her garden.  Go spend a few days alone in nature just sitting and being with yourself, without being busy and distracted, and you will also experience a profound quieting of the mind and sense of being grounded without even consciously seeking it. Some people even experience a permanent quieting of the mind that may be described as a spiritual awakening and deep, persistent connection to God.  This seems to sometimes occur as the mind’s response to a deep suffering, an act of faith, or deep contemplation. However it is attained, this sounds like the kind of book I want to read!

However you get quiet, it feels like a million bucks once you’re there and it is the perfect state of mind to focus on  feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that are going to help you get that million bucks into your bank account!

In my next blog, I will discuss some effective methods to quiet the mind and begin getting grounded so you can be more effective and live a more fulfilling life.


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