Promote World Peace with SMART Goal Setting

Promote World Peace with SMART Goal Setting

Create SMART goals! Create SMART goals!

Our third ingredient for world peace is responsibility. It is easy to use a victim mentality to explain why I do not have the things we want in life. When operating in the victim mentality, circumstances happen to me rather than me happening to the circumstances. When I go “victim to circumstances” it is typically the end result of a long chain of events I did not take responsibility for or action on. It would be the same as seeing a boulder falling down a mountain towards me, getting hit by it, and then crying victim to gravity! Ok, maybe this analogy falls short because it is the boulders falling down the mountain that we do not see that we are “victim” to… but isn’t it our responsibility to be aware of our surroundings? When it comes down to it, awareness is really our ultimate responsibility. I would venture to say that the more awareness we have, the more happiness and positivity we have because it is with awareness that we can take action to fix what we don’t like about our lives and appreciate what we do! And the more happiness and positivity we have the more we are promoting world peace!

This is where SMART goal setting comes in… In order to set a goal you have to be aware of what you want. The SMART acronym is a system that provides awareness of how to set a goal in such a way that you are more likely to achieve it and to bring more of what you want in life into your life.

The SMART acronym provides structure for effective goal setting. By going through the SMART technique I am creating an easy to follow roadmap that leads me to successfully achieving my goal.

So, without further adieu, here is simple breakdown of the simple SMART Goal Setting system.

Specific – A goal needs to be clear and laser focused. Rather than saying “I will travel more” a specific goal would be “I will visit Italy, France, Fiji, Japan, and New Zealand”.

Measurable – It must be clear when you attain your goal. To simply set a goal of “I will be more healthy” does not make it obvious if you have hit your goal. Measurable would be things like “I will lower my cholesterol by 10 points, release 20 lbs, lower my body fat percentage by 5%,”

Attainable – I love football but it is not possible that I am going to be a starting Quarterback, or any other position, in the NFL no matter how badly I want the goal or how hard I dedicate myself. Thinking positively is not about turning a blind eye to reality. There are limits in life and some of them are found in the physical realm. An attainable goal means one that is possible… not to be confused with probable. Be careful not to aim your goals too low under the pretense that what you really want is not attainable… you are capable of incredible things! Just not impossible things… if you have any doubt of whether something is impossible, then it probably isn’t!

Risky – A goal worth committing to is a risky goal! Staying comfortable will get you what you already have. Taking a risk means growth. A risk does not necessarily mean jumping off of a cliff, although it could. It means that you are stretching, getting uncomfortable, and facing your perceived limitations head on!

Timely – When are you going to have your goal completed by? This also falls in line with the concept of the goal being measurable. You must know when you hit your goal. If you want to quit smoking but you give yourself an unlimited amount of time you will never have to face the fact that you are not accomplishing your goal. Time will support you in holding yourself accountable.

Also note that the concept of attainable plays into time setting. If you have never played piano before and you want to be able to play Ravel Scarbo’s Gaspard de la Nuit, then you better set the goal to expire in longer than a day…. Maybe that’s a bad example for the concept of attainable, but you get my point.

So that is the SMART Goal Setting technique in a nutshell. Start, or continue, to bring about world peace by setting SMART goals! What are some of your goals? We would love for you to share them and breakdown the SMART technique! Leave a comment below or send us a message 