Positivity Survey at Arizona State University

Positivity Survey at Arizona State University

Think Positive Apparel went to Arizona State University (ASU) and asked some of the students there these two questions:
1. Given any situation, is it more advantageous to have a positive attitude?
2. What do you do to switch from a negative attitude to a positive attitude?

The results to the first were unanimous: positivity is more advantageous. The ideas to switch from negative to positive were insightful.

Interestingly, we walked around Old Town Scottsdale that same evening asking the same two questions. While the majority of the people we interviewed concurred that having a positive mindset will increase the chances of achieving optimal results, there were several people who proclaimed to be very effective with their negative attitudes… Perhaps it is a generational thing? Or perhaps it is an age thing… how long can someone keep a positive attitude through tough times before they decide something is impossible.

What do you think?

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