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Positive Ad Libs: An Exercise in Subconsciousness

Positive Ad Libs: An Exercise in Subconsciousness

Let your subconscious be your guide with these fun positive ad libs! Who knows what will come to mind with these thought prompts? Only one way to find out! (CLICK HERE to jump down to the Positive Ad Lib Generator)

Our Positive Ad Libs offer simple cues to which you respond with the first thing that comes to mind. Then we generate a positive sentence that you can do with what you want including using it as a mindfulness exercise.

To turn this Positive Ad Lib fun into an actual exploration of our subconscious we must consider what is behind these particular thoughts. Of all possible thoughts, why these ones come first? What makes something a possible vs impossible thought to consider? Does it mean something deeper about ourselves? Different people given the exact same prompts will typically provide completely different responses.

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The Unconscious or Preconscious Mind

Firstly, we are referring to the subconscious in a sense akin to what many Freudian leaning psychologists would define as the unconscious or preconscious mind. The parts of the mind that are affecting our consciousness without us being aware of it. Things like the underlying emotions and past experiences that are in our memories but not actively being thought about in the present moment.

This is akin to the notion in a zen meditation where you quiet the mind to nothingness but then when you realize you are doing it you are no longer doing it because awareness itself annihilates the state!

Bringing the Subconscious to Light

The subconscious is by definition the part of the mind working behind the scenes. So the second we attempt to bring the subconscious to light we are dealing with the conscious and loose what we are looking for.

The key to understanding our subconscious is looking at the shadow it casts. This Positive Ad Lib exercise is one such way to do that.

We can catch glimpses of our subconscious by considering why our responses are what they are when we allow ourselves to grab the first thoughts that jump forth.

Subconsciousness and The Past

Consider what is driving your own responses in these exercises. Analyzing the subconscious’ effects on our consciousness can help us interact with our past, present, and future selves!

Our past experiences make up the scope of possible ideas. If someone says “name a food”, there is no food you can name that you haven’t experienced in the past on some level. Even if it was just hearing about it second hand. You can’t talk about a food you have never learned about or experienced.

Past experiences with large emotional impacts on us are going to be more likely stored in memory and more likely bubbling up into our consciousness later in life.

Subconsciousness and the Present

When we quiet the mind and listen to the silence within, we are practicing a form of tapping into the subconscious.

Taking a deep cleansing breath can help us clear our mind of clutter. This space created can in turn help us access the echoes of our sub conscious.

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The subconscious is working on our consciousness whether we are locked in the circles of ego thoughts or whether we are in a state of nothingness. From the quieter state, however, we can better listen to the inner urges than in a state where we are reacting to reactions to these subconscious pulses.

Subconsciousness and the Future

Listening to these subconscious pulses, like gut feelings, can help us sometimes predict future events.

Try this: Ask yourself a question of importance. Take a few deep breaths. Let go of all your thoughts. And then without attachment just sit and listen to any answer to your question. Let them go as easy as they arise. Breathe and listen.

The voice that emerges in the void of thought may very well be our subconscious digesting aspects of our past that can help us understand future trends. The mind calculating endlessly and our consciousness receiving periodic nudges from these calculations behind the senses.

Distinguishing what is truly bubbling up from our subconscious versus what is being manipulated by our ego is worth looking at. Any conclusions drawn are best taken with care and time to find the source they’re coming from.

Positive Ad Libs

Try out this Positive Ad Libs as a mindfulness exercise to explore your own inner experience!

Step 0 is to take a deep, calming, cleansing breath! Be here now. Free your mind from cluttering thoughts circling around. Slide into the silence. What do you hear first after you read each prompt?

Positive Ad Libs Generator
Let your subconscious be your guide as you explore these POSITIVE AD LIBS:

Once you have your statement see if you can come up with a creative way to fulfill it! The meaning you apply ultimately to the statement is the final opportunity within this Positive Ad Lib game to discover impacts of the subconscious.

We hope you enjoyed our Positive Ad Libs! Please share this page with a friend you think may also enjoy it! Or join the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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