featured image for the blog Logo Animation for Think Positive Apparel

Logo Animation for Think Positive Apparel

Human consciousness seems especially geared towards learning. Becoming a life long learner is even easier now a days thanks to the internet. The internet contains and provides access to pretty much the entirety of human knowledge! There are people making tutorials for just about everything you can imagine. And most of them are completely free.

Google is pretty much at the point where you can straight up ask it anything you want just as you would really phrase the questions and the results are useful. Actually taking the time to google the things we wonder about is a new skill set in and of itself.

If you find your are frustrated with how long it takes you to find answers, try googling how to improve your google searches. Things like adding a minus sign before words that you want excluded are super helpful and easy to learn. It’s all easy to learn… provided we seek the knowledge. We wrote a blog about it too.

I started playing with some animation stuff… Check out my first project using Think Positive Apparel’s two logos.

animated gif of our Think Possible Apparel logos

Doing this logo animation was a lot of fun and fairly simple once I made time to practice. What do you want to learn today? This week? This month? This year? This decade?

If you want to learn more about the Think Possible Philosophy, then check out this animation.

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