Live on Channel 3 Phoenix at the Phoenix Public Market!

Channel 3 was down at the Phoenix Public Market on Saturday Morning interviewing various farmers and artists. They had all of their interviews set for the day; however, Kalyn set a goal for us to get on, thought positively, and persisted. It would have been “easier” for her to not go up and ask them if they would interview us. And it would have been “easier” if after they said no the first time, she just walked away… but she didn’t. She ignored the negative self talk that made up stories of why she looked silly or was being rude asking more than once or at all. She thought positively. She knew it was possible to convince them to interview us. She told her self she was capable. Because of her positive thinking and persistence, she got the interview and we were on TV!

This video talks about the philosophy behind the clothes and why we created Think Positive Apparel.

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