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I am vivacious

I am vivacious

I am lively and animated in an attractive and positive way. When I get excited about an idea, activity, or some external thing, vivaciousness bubbles up within me and spreads infectiously to those in my presence. My movements become larger, I laugh harder, smile bigger, and talk louder. Ultimately, this is all the result of being immersed in a happy and exciting moment. It feels good. Time moves quickly. I come out the other side feeling good.

I like being around someone who is vivacious because it makes me feels good. Seeing someone be lively in a constructive manner can lead me to feel lively. It can also just be fun to watch even if it does not actually animate me.

Feeling like I am in a safe environment is helpful to letting go in this manner for me. My goal is to continuously expand my safe environments. That means putting myself in good situations, surrounding myself with people I care about and that care about me. This is the easy path to being vivacious. In certain instances, being vivacious may be useful for getting yourself out of unsafe situations. A vivacious state is by definition alluring and can be used to break tension and switch the mentalities of those around you. Imagine if you are able to tap into being vivacious when you want rather than only when your environment allows you to feel like you want. That is truly powerful.

What times in your life have you been vivacious?
How do you tap in to being vivacious?
Is it possible that someone has never been vivacious?
Leave a comment below and let us know…

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