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How to Use Affirmations with 3 Simple Questions

How to Use Affirmations with 3 Simple Questions

Applying the right attitude at the right moment is like a superpower for your day. When our attitudes align with what is needed we are more likely to accomplish whatever we want.

Get the most out of any affirmation with these three questions!

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Timing is Everything

There is a time to be urgent and there is a time to slow down. A time to be steadfast and a time to be flexible. A time to be outspoken and a time to listen deeply.

We have been all of these attitudes before and can be them all again as needed.

Which affirmations are going to be most useful totally depends on what is happening in that given moment.

So consider any affirmation through a lens of something going on in your life right now.

Sure, we are all connected. It’s wonderful. But what would being connected mean for something specific in your life right now. Connected to who or what? To what end? The context shapes the use of the attitude.

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All you have to do is slow down, look closer, and contemplate what you find.

Each of our designs has words relevant to the meaning of that piece. So the turtle affirmations are different than the elephant.

Which design we decide to look into and which affirmations jump out are perhaps more than a coincidence? Perhaps there is a meaning to which words you read! Perhaps we create meaning to the words. Either way, use the ones that jump out as a cue to help you become what you need when you need it.

Let’s Practice

Grab an affirmation for inspiration using this Affirmation Generator! Then apply the following 3 questions to whichever one you get. Repeat as much as you want


See which affirmations jump out at you right now! Click this blue button to begin:

Three Questions to Apply to Your Affirmation

1. What's your immediate reaction to the affirmation?

When you first read the affirmation, what are your initial reactions? What feelings come up as you say the statement to yourself?

Whatever instant thoughts or feelings come to mind? Look at them closer.

Do you believe these words to be true about yourself? Do you associate yourself positively with this affirmation? How do you relate to this affirmation?

2. When have you been this affirmation before?

At any point in your life, when have you believed this affirmation to be true about yourself? Think of the circumstances of that situation and how you holding this attitude fits into it.

When have you felt it? Even if only for a moment. What flashes of memories come to mind as you say the affirmation?

3. How can being this affirmation right now help your day?

Consider it like a superpower you can apply to anything today. How could this affirmation be useful to your life right now? What are a few specific things that come to mind?

How would being this attitude today help you? Where would it not be useful? Where would it be most useful?

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