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How to Get Grounded: The Power of Visualization

How to Get Grounded: The Power of Visualization

Power of Positivity

As I’ve discussed in previous posts, shifting awareness into the body is the essence of getting grounded and visualization is a powerful tool to facilitate this shift. First, it is important to understand that the mind “thinks” in the form of images. Visualization is the practice of focusing the mind and imagination using imagery. Human beings use visualization everyday day, all the time, both awake and asleep, with an incredible degree of success. Sadly, we are typically visualizing unconsciously, with no direction or focus on what we truly would choose to have in our lives and, subsequently, achieve undesirable results.

The body experiences emotions and feelings that the mind interprets in the form of images. Fear and anxiety may trigger images and thoughts of worry or scarcity. Fun and excitement may trigger images of fond memories or dreams of adventure. Conversely, images in the mind normally trigger emotions and feelings that are felt in the body. This is a closed loop that one can consciously manipulate by choosing images that serve to generate the feelings that we want to feel. So, if I choose images of love, joy, and abundance then I can feel loving, joyful, and wealthy. In addition to improving my state of mind and physical health, I am also opening my field of awareness to more opportunities to reinforce these desirable feelings and, literally, altering the energy of the body which, in turn, attracts more opportunities for love, joy, and wealth into my life.


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