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How to Bring About World Peace

How to Bring About World Peace

This video looks at three key factors in bringing about world peace: Love, Compassion, and Responsibility.


Hello! My name is Taylor Lapidus and this is Think Possible Apparel’s blog. Today we’re talking about world peace!

I believe there are three key factors that if every man woman and child held these three things in their minds and hearts that we would have peace on earth.

Number one: LOVE. Love conquers all! It’s been said that every single action, every decision people make, comes either from love or for love. Things that are healthy, that people are doing for the fun of it, and because they enjoy it: that’s doing it from love. Whereas, you know, jealousy, things like that, that’s lacking love. Anyways, love number one!

Number two: COMPASSION. Everybody is doing the best they can. Any time that you perceive that someone else is doing something negative, number one, recognize that they have reasons why they’re doing it that way. That something happened in their life maybe that led up to them behaving in that way. So have compassion. Remember, everybody is fighting their own battles.

There’s five sutras the Aquarian age one of them is: “recognize that the other person is you”. Are we really all that different? Are you one hundred percent perfect one hundred percent of time? No, we’re all human. So any time you encounter someone that’s doing something that you disagree with, take a breath and feel compassion for that person. From this position you can perhaps help them. Or at least have a better understanding. 

Number three: RESPONSIBILITY. Take responsibility for yourself and your results. Results are the only true measure: sometimes harsh, but always fair.

At Think Possible Apparel, we design all of our clothes using positive affirmations. Many of our clothes have “I AM” statements that we call little superpowers that you can tap into when you need to. You have been all of them before and you can be them all again!

When you recognize that you’ve been all these things and you can be them again, then they truly are super powers to you. You apply these truths about yourself as needed. Then when you need to be patient, you remember, “oh yeah! I am patient”. Or when you need to be forgiving, you recognize, “I forgave somewhere before” and you forgive now. When you need to be confident, powerful, magnetic, whatever… It is then you start seeing how amazingly capable you are, how fantastic you are!

Well, guess what, you super awesome person? You’re responsible! You’re capable! You’re responsible if things didn’t go the way you wanted. You’re not a victim to the circumstances. If you can play that out again knowing what you know now, would you get the same results? What would you do different? the leader now affect the situation differently so imagine if everybody recognize how awesome they were and took responsibility for their results and then did something about changing the results they don’t like?

Love, compassion, and responsibility those three simple ingredients will bring about peace on earth! So, how quickly can we spread peace on earth? How quickly can we spread love, compassion, and responsibility? You tell me!

Let me know your opinion peace on earth take the poll leave a comment think positive apparel com thank you very much have a great day

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