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How do I become the Witness?

How do I become the Witness?

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Become the witness

In “A New Earth” Eckhart Tolle eloquently describes the ego identity, the relationship to ego, and how the ego-mind operates.  He also writes, “the single most vital step on your journey toward enlightenment is this: learn to disidentify with your mind.”

That’s great. But, how do I pull that off?

When it comes to how-to’s here, I prefer to speak only from my personal experience. For me, it started with an intense desire and commitment to my own growth . . . no shit, no kidding. In other blogs, I may share some more of my story. Suffice to say, for now, I was motivated to make a change, I was fascinated by the inner-workings of the mind, and I trusted. The moment I became open to doing things differently, all the right relationships, teachers, books, and experiences just seemed to flow into my life. This message of becoming The Witness was a common thread, a recurring message told in different ways by different teachers, so I paid attention and started to work on it. I continually became more and more vigilant of my thoughts and behaviors by continually asking myself, “Why am I doing this”, “Why am I thinking this?” and “Why am I feeling this way?”. In retrospect, although this was very helpful in my process, I now realize these questions are much less relevant than simply the act of witnessing it all and realizing the thoughts are not who I am. If I had simply asked “Who am I?” I would have cut to the chase. I am the Witness. That is all, and within this awareness, silent and watching,  there is peace. This awareness is a sense of presence that is without words and without form. And it is important to understand that this awareness exists within the body, not the mind.

Eckart writes, “It almost seems like a paradox: When you are in touch with your inner body you are not identified with your body anymore, nor are you identified with your mind.” Eckart calls it “inner-body awareness”. I call it “grounding”.

Over a year ago, I was introduced to Gary Springfield’s Golden Light Meditation work. Gary is a masterful teacher of a meditation method intended to draw awareness into the body, realize our true nature, and clear emotional energy from within the body. Gary taught me a method of grounding that I share here on www.thinkpossibleapparel.com, in our Daily Grounding Sessions. By drawing attention and awareness deep into the body, one discovers a quiet place where thoughts come and go easily and, with patience and persitance, the mind becomes more and more quiet. And then, the inner-peace which is your true essence, is revealed. It takes patience and commitment, and the pay-off is magical. Being the Witness is truly an experience of harmony and joy.


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