featured image for the blog Honor Presidents Day by Being a Great Leader

Honor Presidents Day by Being a Great Leader

Honor Presidents Day by Being a Great Leader

Presidents on Bills Honor Presdient’s Day by being a great leader!

Happy Presidents Day! This day is about recognizing some of America’s greatest leaders who have helped shape our country, democracy, and bring us closer to liberty & justice for all! The best way to honor these great leaders is to be a great leader yourself.

Yes, you are a leader. Every decision you make or do not make is a leadership move that affects you, your family, and your community. Like it or not, your actions have a rippling effect.

The question is what are you leading towards? Some people have a clear destination. Others, let the flow of life guide them with less clarity but just as powerful results. And still others do not even consider the option of having a goal or not. They do not even see their own role as a leader. But it matters not. We are all leaders; whether we follow, or stand at the front of the pack.

Even following is leading. As a follower you empower others to join you in following another leader. Be careful what you follow.

When no one is watching, you are a leader. First off, someone just may be watching, especially if you have little kids around. But just as important is the fact that you are watching. Peace of mind is crucial and living in harmony with what you believe in is a big part of that.

So I encourage you to stand up and lead in a positive direction. Help yourself, your family, and your community. Make a positive difference in every thing you do. And think of some of the greatest leaders that came before you in what they accomplished. So what did you do, are you doing, and will you do to celebrate great leaders?

Happy Presidents’ Day!

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