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Hashtag Yoga Design

Hashtag Yoga Design

Our #Yoga design is made entirely out of “I am”, “You are”, and “We are” affirmations relevant to yoga.

#yoga design made from yoga related affirmations screen printed on a stylish cut off flow top

On many social media platforms, hashtags turn words and phrases into searchable tags. Hashtags bind conversations on the internet together just like how yoga binds the breath and movement together.

In fact, the entire world wide web, aka the internet, is pretty much entirely based on the concept of linking different pages together through hyperlinks. Hashtags create mini hyperlinks that function as a search query for those specific hashtagged words… like #yoga.

Yoga creates a link between the duality that exists within us all; our thoughts and our physical being get unified through our deep, slow yoga breath.

So much of our perception of reality comes down to how we categorize things. Hashtags are an efficient way of categorizing conversations. May our yoga practice help us become even more aware of how we categorize things in our own life!

As with all of our affirmation based designs, we encourage you to take a peak before putting on the shirt and see what positive I am statements jump out at you! You have been them all before and can be them all again… life is about the right attitude in the right moment. What do you read right now?


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