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Happy, Little Trees

Happy, Little Trees

Happy Bob Ross Quotation Happy, little Bob Ross quotation knitted digitally.

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy, little accidents.” ~ Bob Ross

Remember Bob Ross? Now there was one positive fellow. His voice was calming. His painting skills were masterful. And his teaching style was quietly empowering.

When you watched an episode with Bob Ross you felt like you could paint. Even if you weren’t painting along. Bob Ross was a master of attitude.

What made his little trees different than everyone else’s? He declared that they were “Happy, little trees”. And they were. Where can we speak more positivity over ourselves, our experiences, or others?

Just as Bob can speak the happiness into his little trees, we can speak various layers of intent into our own paintings. The language we use is an incredible important indicator for your life. Do we see mistakes or happy, little accidents?

Bob Ross spoke the words and they became true… but he spoke the words from a completely egoless (totally calm and present) place. Those two ingredients working together seem to be the key to successful manifestation. Bob Ross teaches us how attitude and our words create our world.

So as we move through our day from moment to moment notice the language you are using to describe yourself, others and your world. Notice your attitude behind those words as well. When your words and your attitude are in alignment and harmonizing, a beautiful magic pours forth. Try it out!

I created the image featured in this blog with heavy inspiration from this Illustrator Tutorial.

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