featured image for the blog Elephant Symbolism and the Warrior III Yoga Pose

Elephant Symbolism and the Warrior III Yoga Pose

Elephant Symbolism and the Warrior III Yoga Pose

Look closer! Elephant symbolism affirmations create this design of an elephant doing a Warrior III yoga pose!

Charge through obstacles today when you apply whichever words jump out at you first. Each time you look into this Elephant Warrior III design you will see different ones. You have been them all before and can be them all again! See how the attitudes you read first fit in your day today.

An Elephant doing Yoga

“Remember, it doesn’t matter how deep into a posture you go – what does matter is who you are when you get there.” ~ Max Strom

Elephants aren’t exactly known for their physical flexibility which is the number one excuse people use to avoid starting a yoga practice. The amazing thing about yoga is that it doesn’t matter how flexible you are! Whether you are an advanced yogi touching your head to your knee with straight legs or a brand new yogi bending your legs a ton to get that forehead to touch, anyone doing their best on the mat benefits just as much!

So, how does an elephant do Warrior III pose (aka Virabhadrasana III)? Practice! Perseverance and practice! Perseverance, patience, and practice. While using these three ingredients, anyone can do any yoga pose. And at every stage of the posture we gain just as many benefits as the people adding more layers to their own practice.

Elephant Symbolism

Here are some of the elephant symbolism themes focused on in this design:

Strength — Elephants are renown for their size and with that size comes immense strength and power. So strength is the most obvious symbolism of the elephant. Consider that strength comes in many forms. It takes tremendous strength and power to sit quietly and clear our thoughts from our mind.

Good Luck — Many cultures associate the image of an elephant with its trunk up as good luck. In the Hindu religion, Ganesh takes the form of an elephant and is the lord of good fortune.

Mental Fortitude — Besides strength, Elephant’s are also known for their memory. It is said that when droughts come through their territories, elephants remember old watering holes from decades ago. Some people have even recorded elephants visiting grave sites of old friends and family members.

Community — Elephants are very social animals. They stand by their family and communities, which are matriarchal and consist anywhere from 8 to 100 individuals.

Gentle — For as powerful and big as elephants are they can be very precise and gentle with their movements through spaces and trunk dexterity.

Removing Obstacles — With their strength and gentle nature, elephants have been used to literally remove heavy obstacles from roads or for construction. Elephants are also associated with removing spiritual obstacles. Ganesh is also the remover of obstacles both physical and spiritual. How can you remove obstacles from your own life by being what you need to be when you need to be it?

Stability — Four powerful legs stand rooted. Massive muscle structures. Excellent balance and mobility.

Elephant Warrior III design screen printed on a women’s triblend crew neck t-shirt

Benefits of Warrior III

  • Strength — This posture works your entire body. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes. The key to warrior III pose is engaging your core, spine, and BOTH legs fully. The muscles in your feet, calves, and quads should be fully flexed. Now engage your core all around your stomach and back. And keep breathing WITH the posture. Inhales to lengthen your spine; reaching your leg and tip of your head in opposite directions. Then use your exhales to push down on the standing leg and rotate your pelvis parallel to the floor.
  • Mental Health — It is said that this pose improves memory and concentration. I think this may be connected to the amount of focus the posture requires. Perhaps there is something to be said about activating your entire core, spine, legs, and arms all at once and stretching everything in opposite directions for brain health. Citation needed; however, an interesting concept.

Affirmations in this Elephant Warrior III design

Here are all of the affirmations making up this Elephant Warrior III pose design:

·I am a remover of obstacles
·My path is clear
·I am powerful
·I am clever
·I am kind
·I am joyful
·I am strong
·I am gentle
·I am brilliant
·I am reliable
·I am stable
·I am patient
·I am dignified
·I am happy
·I am good luck
·I am fortunate
·I am grateful
·I am responsible
·I am sovereign
·I am steadfast
·I am sturdy
·I am a leader
·I am focused
·I am determined
·I am concentrating
·I am strong-minded
·I am breathing
·I am invigorating
·I am energized
·I am loyal
·I stand by my family, my friends, and my community
·I am involved
·I am alert
·I am a calming influence
·I am connected
·I am aware
·I am sensitive
·I am compassionate
·I charge through blockages
·I protect
·I remember
·I am forgiving
·I am effective
·I am social
·I am close
·I am providing
·I am harmonious
·I am beautiful
·I am majestic
·I am wise
·I am loved
·I am protected
·I love
·I am protecting
·I am intertwined
·I am balanced
·I am kindhearted
·I am mighty
·I am calm
·I am magnanimous

As well, here is the phrase at the bottom making up the yoga mat. We like to think of it as a strong foundation for life:

I am enjoying the journey. I am striving for excellence. I am breathing. I am smiling.


To sum it up, affirmations about the many meanings people all over the world and throughout human history assigned to the magnificent elephant make up this design. Elephant symbolism and Warrior III benefits are significantly overlapping in that they both relate to strength and mental fortitude. Therefore, when you are doing your warrior III pose, just imagine how much harder it would be if you were an elephant! And then remember that it doesn’t matter because you would still be getting the same benefits!

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What are some of your favorite elephant symbolism ideas? What are your thoughts and tips on warrior III pose? Leave a comment and let us know!


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