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Earth Day Positivity

Earth Day Positivity

Thank you, Earth I love the planet.

This Earth Day may we all commit to believing that there is a way to live in harmony with the planet so that we may sustain conditions that are favorable of comfortable human life.

Let us not be immobilized by concern for the how or what that specifically looks like. Let us be mobilized by the certainty that there are solutions. Let us be inspired by this certainty to create the solutions.

Imagine if a friend came up to you with a small but deep cut on their arm.
You: You going to go to the hospital and get that looked at?
Friend: No. Look how tiny that cut is compared to the size of me.
[Couple days later]
You: That cut looks infected. It kind of smells… maybe you need to go to the hospital.
Friend: No. It’s fine. My body will take care of it.
[Couple days later]
You: It sucks that my friend died from an infection that could have been avoided.

Our planet has many “tiny” man-made wounds. There are signs of this all over the planet; especially in our waters. We can heal these wounds and stop the source of them with better, “greener” technology. Believing that humanity is capable is the first step. We are capable. The question is not if we can reverse the harm we are doing to our global ecosystem. The question is how long are we going to wait to do it.

The planet, in a grand universe sense, is going to be fine. It has been here for billions of years. Until the Sun goes, the planet will be fine. Whether it is fit to sustain human life, is a different consideration.

From space Earth is a tiny blue planet. That is because what makes this planet special and perfect for human life is all of the water, which covers 70% of the globe. Among many things the ocean gives us the air we breather, allows for rain to “magically fall from the sky”.

So does it concern me that I learn something like this: “But there’s not a drop of seawater in the ocean, all the way down to the very bottom of the Mariana Trench, that we haven’t, in some way, affected, chemically polluted.” from Dr. John E. McCosker the Senior Scientist and Chair at the California Academy of Sciences? Yes. Yes it does.

Let’s get passionate about being stewards of the Earth. This is our watch. Let’s not be the society or group of humans that drops the ball and ruins the party for the rest to come…

Doing better for the planet is easy when you commit to getting better at it. What small steps can you take immediately to start making a positive impact on Earth? Switching to natural cleaning products? Eating more locally grown food? Biking more? Switching to re-usable grocery bags? Turning lights off? What advice and tips do you have for others?

Happy Earth Day.

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