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Determination is the Key to Success

Determination is the Key to Success

Determination is the key to success. That means that if you stay focused on a “keep going” attitude you will eventually attain success.

Determination is the key to success Be determined. Attain success.

Sometimes “keep going” may look like pushing forward with 100% effort. Sometimes it looks like sitting quietly and turning inward. If you ever feel like the candlelight of success is dimming, find your determination again and press on…

The baby will learn, grow get to the top of the steps. It’s not a matter of ‘if’… it’s only a matter of when. Be determined that attaining what you want is inevitable. Be determined in every small day to day activity. You will gain momentum. You will accomplish your bigger goals through your smaller goal successes.

Why Mindfulness is the key to determination

Mindfulness is the key to determination because it exposes paths to solutions. Solutions nullify the “excuses” leading to giving up. With mindfulness we increase awareness. By increasing awareness, we can take responsibility for the things that get in the way of staying determined.

The key to mindfulness is learning to quiet the mind (You may like: “Quiet the mind to get grounded and think positively”) so that we can increase our awareness. Within the space between thoughts, when we are maximizing awareness of the now while quieting out the chatter of the ‘monkey mind’, we are far more perceptive of all options available. It also creates a state of mind that is more creative which in turn leads to more solutions.

Take control of your mind

This state of consciousness is something we all enter many times. You can clear your mind any time you want! Sure, it’s way easier when we are doing things we love or are good at. But it becomes easier with all things when we practice getting better at it; as is the human way. Consider this, if we cannot find the ability to maintain control over our own mind while sitting alone, in quiet, and safe, then how are we supposed to maintain control while we are in the real world with all life throws our way?

Through Practice We Improve

The key to quieting the mind is to practice meditation. (You may like: “How to begin meditating right now!“) Meditation teaches us patience with ourselves. As we sit in meditation we feel uncomfortable and our mind wanders. We stay seated and breathe (You may like: “Three Sided Breathing Technique“) through these thoughts. We sit, remaining patient and they pass. Allowing us to continue sitting until our desired time is reached rather than succumbing to inevitable-temptations (aka thoughts of doubt) to get up early.

Rather than being trapped in our reaction patterns, a meditation practice frees us to be patient with our thoughts and emotions that come up throughout day to day life. We simply observe them. We notice them. We decide what to do with them through consideration. So when determination is met with doubt or apathy or fears, we can see it. And we can choose whether we really want to let those things be insurmountable obstacles (Thoughts that will creep in with any activity that requires true determination); or, do we view them as part of the process pointing at what needs attention?

Worthy Challenges require Determination

We typically do not need to harness the power of determination for easy goals. Easier goals are completed before we really need to dig in. These types of goals are an important part of a productive life; however, stretching towards greater versions of ourselves, or big scary goals that we want but are hard, those are the times we must find within us the ability to resist urges of giving up or cheating ourselves into wanting a different goal. Those are the times when being determined will actually be required.


5 simple ways to stay determined

Here are some keys to staying determined in the face of wanting to give up:

1. Doubting is normal

Remember that those feelings of wanting to quit are completely normal. Expect them to show up. Greet them when they do like an old friend. They are real feelings. (You may also like: “Be Happy: Experience thoughts and feelings fully“)They point at real challenges within your greater goal. But do not yield an inch to them! The feelings of doubt and fear will grow as big or even bigger than you let them. Thank the feelings of doubt for their insights into the areas that need extra attention and return to the realization that you are capable of achieving the goal you want.

2. Know what’s possible

The doubts may be normal. Likewise, it is also completely normal that you are actually perfectly capable of achieving whatever goal you set out to achieve. It may not be the most likely outcome, but if it is possible at all, then you are able to do it. That’s the key to facing the doubts. Yes, the concerns are real; however, so is your ability to overcome them.

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3. Make things smaller

The old adage about eating an elephant one bite at a time has persisted for so long for a reason. The more we see our challenges in life as giant, insurmountable problems, the more they will be. But if we attack the problems in little chunks, little steps at a time, they become much more manageable. When the sea of swirling doubt surrounds us, we find calmness in focusing on little problems within the storm. Batten down the hatches. Grab a rope. Do. Be there. Don’t think about the storm in the midst of the sea. Think about where you want to go and what you want to do.CLICK HERE: Top 5 ways our Positive Apparel can help you!

4. Momentum

Taking little actions towards your goal not only add up to accomplishing them, but also adds momentum to taking action. The more we dig into a problem the more questions we know to ask about it and thus the more steps there will be in view to take. Justifications that release our grip on determination also gain momentum. I think the point of this all is that the details matter therefore the little things we do matter. Not just because taking little actions add up, but because they help lead to getting more things done.

5. Environment is stronger than will

To whatever extent we can, it is ideal to surround ourselves with supported and likeminded people that want to see us stay determined and complete our goal. The longer we are alone in pursuing a goal while surrounded by people who don’t want to see us accomplish it the harder it will be to maintain momentum and determination. This also goes for the inanimate objects that either help us or hold us back from staying determined. For example, if someone wanted to get organized in life but never took steps to clean their living space, time would result in a yielding to the old habits and patterns. (You may also like this post: (“Positive Interaction Technique“)


I am steadfast.

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”
~Vince Lombardi

“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” ~Jesse Owens

How can we strengthen our resolve? How can we increase our ability to stay determined? Practice. That’s always the key to human success. We are made to learn. Practice. Practice. And Practice some more. The more you stick to it the more you will do it! It’s that simple and that hard all at once. Stay determined in the little things and you will gain momentum through all aspects of your life.

So go ahead and cross something off your list! You know how good that feels. Follow those good feelings. They are indicators that you are on the right path ?

Comment below and let us know your tips for staying determined or your own personal experiences with determination.


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