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Creation vs Destruction – Positive vs Negative

Creation vs Destruction – Positive vs Negative

Often, when I talk about positive thinking, some one regurgitates back to me a seemingly innate concept that was allegedly once an actual scientific study; “Positive people are often happier; however, pessimistic people are more often right.”

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Perhaps the following explains why that is… if it even is…

It is easier to destroy than create. The planning, man hours, material creation, and so forth that goes into the construction of a building can be wiped out in significantly less time through a demolition and clearing process. To create a human being takes 9 months and 18+ years of nurturing and developing. To destroy a human being requires pulling the trigger on a gun pointed at a vital spot. There are countless other examples and I would dare say very few, if any, outliers to this principal of creation and destruction. So, using that logic it makes perfect sense why pessimistic people are more often right; if you focus on the negative you will have a much easier time creating it. If you focus on the positive, while it will improve your chances of achieving it, it does not guarantee it.

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