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Creating Gratitude and Joy by Taking Full Responsibility

Creating Gratitude and Joy by Taking Full Responsibility

Buddha quote on Gratitude and Joy You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy.

“You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy” ~ Buddha

The more responsibility we take for the results of our lives, the more gratitude and joy we will have in our lives. Therefore taking responsibility is a key ingredient to thinking positively!

When it comes to the results we create in our lives there are two extreme mentalities:
1. taking complete responsibility
2. going completely victim (i.e. taking no responsibility)

Given any particular situation, we all end up in various places on the spectrum between these two opposite ends. If you look at our attitude towards all of the results in our lives (e.g. where we live, what we do, who we know, what we think), then I think you will see that as individuals we tend to cluster towards one end of the spectrum or the other…

My theory is that the closer we are in our attitude towards responsibility for the causes and effects within our lives, regardless of what the specific results of our lives yield, then the more we find gratitude and joy in our lives.

When we take responsibility for our individual results in life we recognize that we are the ones creating our experiences and if we do not like our individual experiences then we are the ones that must change them.

From a law of attraction perspective, every experience or life result is something, on some level of consciousness, which we created and drew forth to ourselves.

I think Buddha’s quote however is going much deeper into the heart of perception and reality. Deep into the realm of detachment or un-attachment. These are concepts that I feel like I am just beginning to scratch the surface of understanding.

I have trouble reconciling concepts of detachment with concepts of love, which seems like complete attachment… how could love be wrong?

Here is a quote I came across recently that helped me advance my understanding of detachment a little further:

“The greatest adventure that can happen to a human being is the movement from mind to no-mind, the movement from personality to individuality. The no-mind has an individuality: the mind is social.” ~ Osho

When I read Osho’s words, I see a distinction between detaching from relationships, personal survival, and the other seemingly attached/ego based notions and detaching from the stream of thoughts governing my present experience.
So from this light, Buddha’s notion that we have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy seems to imply that being immersed in the moment, being totally present, automatically come with gratitude and joy built in!

Do you agree with Buddha on this idea? What do you think is meant?

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