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Breathe for Peace and Presence

Breathe for Peace and Presence

Breathe for peace. Remember to take a deep, controlled breath when you want more peace or presence.

Do you want more peace and presence in your life? Then mastering the breath is for you!

Do you want to maintain deeper and longer focus on whatever you choose? Then breathing with purpose is for you!

Do you want to digest your experiences with less ego and more self-realization? Then you are going to want to spend some intimate time with mindful breathing.

Yes, folks, breathing just may be the cure-all we’ve all been waiting for. And it was literally right under our noses all along! Just breathe for peace!

Through the breath we grab a hold of our mind and still it. How long we hold that stillness changes depending on each experiences. But across all experiences we can increase our ability to hold the mind still by using our breath as more than just a means to stay alive.

We can use the breath by practicing breathing techniques, like triangular breathing. I like to do this before yoga and mediations because it oxygenates the blood and relaxes me physically while at the same time sets the pace (which is 0 mph) for my mind. We can take a series of deep breaths before a big meeting, presentation, date, performance… and reap the benefits of a calmer state of mind.

With this calmer state of mind we can allow all the hours of practice to come out naturally. We can perform purely without internal distractions and limited thinking perverting our true potential in that moment.

So go ahead, take a few slow, deep breathes right now and feel the difference. Feel the peace you can create RIGHT NOW.

Here is my favorite breathing technique, Triangular breathing or three sided breathing:

I created the image featured in this post with heavy inspiration from this awesome tutorial.

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