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Blue Whale Symbolism

Blue Whale Symbolism

Check out our Blue Whale design! It is made completely from affirmations relevant to the Blue Whale symbolism! Look closer and see which affirmations jump out at you today ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some of the most prominent symbolisms and meanings associated with Blue Whales and Whales in general that we included in this design:

Navigating the Depths of Our Emotions

If the ocean is our emotions, the whale is the conscious explorer.

Blue whales can hold their breath for 60 minutes and dive as deep as 500 meters (1640 feet)!

When we take on the attitudes relevant to the symbolism of the blue whale, we are able to navigate safely through and back out of our emotional depths. This in turn allows for more perceptive both inward with our emotions/thoughts and outward in the world.

By deeply navigating our inner experiences we can develop a better understanding of what we are feeling; emotional clarity. With this clarity, we can develop more emotional creativity; more sensitivity to the nuances of our inner world

For example, if we had a pattern that we wanted to change, we could make more lasting behavioral change by digging into the emotions around that unwanted pattern. With a clarity of what those emotions are and why we feel them, we can begin to step away from reactions and into responsibility.

Go to the depths of our selves. Dive deeper than the surface emotions to get to the root. Through that work we will develop a deeper understanding of the world as well.

The metaphor of the ocean as our emotions works well because emotions can be fluid, deeper than they appear, and holding many mysteries about our true selves.

This is why the blue whale symbolizes navigating our inner experience and moving through emotional depths. Embrace the unknown of our selves and dive through it.


Blue whales bring health to the ecosystem wherever they go. Their digestive process is crucial for our oceans.

Likewise, when we apply the symbolism of the blue whale, we are improving the well being of both our selves and our communities.

Blue whales can consume as much as 3.6 metric tons of krill per day. Continuing with the metaphor of whales navigating the depths of our emotional oceans, the symbolism of this massive consumption can represent emotional swallowing, digesting, and processing. Stopping the process short at any point will lead to consequences we may not prefer. Much like the consequences of whales being removed from our oceans or their natural habitats.

As we understand our own emotions more we will inevitably be able to understand the emotions of others. Empathy is one of the foundations of nurturing. Like all mammals, blue whales nurse their young and develop a strong bond.

When we are healthy we are able to act on our empathetic feelings through compassion. Blue whales can represent this healing process allowing for more compassion.

Conservation of the ocean requires blue whales to navigate, find food, and digest it. Conservation of our health requires us to navigate our inner experience, find our emotional fodder (our relationship to our experiences), and digest it.

Conservation is about the importance of balance. The blue whale represents this balance.


Blue whales establish close-knit connection to their pods. They nurture and promote well-being in their community.

The key to providing this type of community support is that they can communicate with each other. They can express their love and fears in their own ways that are understandable by others.

The beautiful song of the blue whale can travel for 1000 miles (1600km).


Blue whales represent themes of creation, birth, and rebirth in many cultures.

In some Native American Cultures Blue Whales represent the beginning.

The deeper awarness we can learn about ourselves and the world by taking on the symbolism of the blue whale points at the Cosmic Consciousness.

Likewise, the blue whale representing emotional rebirth and understanding.

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