Benefits of Being Grounded

This Buddha blast is made entirely of quotations from Buddha by Think Positive Apparel

This Buddha blast is made entirely of quotations from Buddha by Think Positive Apparel

So, why would anyone want to be grounded? Why not?  All areas of life improve when one is deeply grounded and consistently practicing simple grounding techniques. First, it really does feel great. If you are a snowboarder (like me), you can compare the feeling of being grounded to that state of being you feel when you take a break halfway down a slope on a sunny, powder day. Soaking up the view, connected to the earth; open and receptive to the silence of the fresh snow and the melody of the wind whipping through the trees.

There is profound sense of well-being, inner peace, and strength when one is grounded. And, from this place, positive thoughts and actions seem to just flow naturally.  Grounded and present, the grass is greener, the air smells cleaner, and all the other things you may want in life just seem to flow. For me, all the things I want in life seem to almost be happening by themselves when I am deeply grounded, consciously and unconsciously using positive thoughts to create the life I want. In this place of a quiet mind and awareness of my body and environment, it is so easy to choose positive, loving, self-affirming feelings and thoughts that are in alignment with my truth as a healthy, loving, lovable  man living an abundant life. Balanced and healthy on the inside, I am clear in my intent to create a reality on the outside that is also balanced and healthy.  Situations and people no longer have to be exactly like I may want them to . . . and that is OK. I don’t need to control anything when I am grounded. In fact, I am often pleasantly surprised by the interesting opportunities that surround me and how my needs and wants might be met because I am open and receptive to more possibilities when I am grounded. Relationships and communications improve because I am less judgmental and more compassionate towards myself and others, my communication is clearer, and I make healthy and heart-centered decisions spontaneously and effortlessly. Being grounded is the first step to creating the kind of life we all deserve, and dream of.


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