Be Positive, Not Fearless

Be Positive, Not Fearless

Think Positive

Be Positive, Not Fearless

In the following video, Kalyn noticed a thought pattern that wasn’t serving her and came up with an effective way of switching something that does. Before she goes on a hike or trail run her mind often races with the potential threats that she could encounter on the trail. While knowing danger is important, once she is committed to going down the path, these fears can become crippling and take the fun out of the activity. So, continuously replacing fear based thoughts that are not helping her with thoughts about how capable she is was effective in allowing her to enjoy her run.

Her big “aha!” moment was her realization that children are not fearless they are just positive thinkers. Children have plenty of fears. They simply do not fear what they know they are capable of achieving. There is a huge difference between being fearless and thinking positively.

What do you want that you know you are capable of achieving but are allowing to let fears of failure hold you back from taking action? What are you doing about switching those fears to something more effective?

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