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9 Tips to Turn Your Home into Your Sanctuary

9 Tips to Turn Your Home into Your Sanctuary

If you're feeling overwhelmed with quarantine right now and all the time spent at home, try some of these steps to turn your space into somewhere you love to be.

  1.   Make your bed everyday. I am guilty of skipping days making the bed. It is easy to make excuses to wake up and go with the kid and the pups and hunger and so forth. But how does this rushed start to the morning ripple through my day compared to slowing down and creating time to organize the starting position of my day? Over the next 30 days I’m going to do it and see if it changes the energy in our day.
  2.   Allow natural light in. First thing in the morning open up your curtains and depending on where you live, maybe even open up a window. Although, just letting natural light in will do the trick. For an added bonus do this 15 minutes before you look at your phone to give your body time to soak in the fresh new day before you turn your brain on to the all of the info from your phone.
  3.   Declutter! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just pick a small area and start there and see where it takes you. Once you finish that spot, stand back and soak in the good vibes that come from clearing out. If you really want to go for it look up the KonMari method, she’s a decluttering genius.
  4.   Bring some nature inside. With the social distancing and stores being closed, this can be a tough one, so don’t worry if there is nothing you can do right now. You can change your phone screen saver to a nature picture (think beautiful flower, mountain, ocean, grass, whatever makes your heart sing). If you do have resources on hand, get out and get your hands dirty repotting a plant or trimming up that one that’s been needing a little love.
  5.   Rethink your blankets. Make your bed and your couch your happy place, so lay out blankets that you love to cuddle with.
  6.   Utilize natural scents in your home. Get those essential oils flowing. If you don’t have essential oils you can boil some water with cinnamon, anise, etc. Utilize pinterest to look up natural ways to add scent to your home.
  7.   Get outside everyday; for a walk, to sit on the deck, hike, whatever you feel comfortable with! Getting out and getting sunlight and fresh air makes being at home so much better, especially right now when feelings of being trapped at home can come up. Go outside and take some deep breaths.
  8.   Music. Put on some music that brings you happiness. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a family (or solo) dance party. It releases energy, feelings, gets your heart rate up, and triggers feelings of happiness.
  9.   Create Art You don’t need to be Michelangelo to create art. Grab a pen and paper and follow an online tutorial or just doodle. Maybe you finally sculpt that bust of yourself out of play-dough? Or break out your favorite garageband-like app and make your own song! Be it a poem or a construction project, everything can be an art form when we apply mindfulness and an extreme focus on details and the connectivity of life.

Most of all focus on breathing, recognizing we are safe right now in this moment, and remember that whatever is to come will be best dealt with by remaining calm and working together. Be extra kind to yourself right now and allow yourself the flexibility to just feel all the feelings.

Leave a comment below to let us know your own tips for turning your home into a sanctuary.

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