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6 Steps to Improving Your Chances of Success

6 Steps to Improving Your Chances of Success

Here is a simple series of steps that will support you in accomplishing what you want:

This elephant is doing a warrior 3 yoga pose and is made entirely from affirmations relevant to the symbolism of an elephant by Think Positive Apparel

This elephant is doing a warrior 3 yoga pose and is made entirely from affirmations relevant to the symbolism of an elephant, like charging through obstacles, by Think Positive Apparel

Step 1: Clarify your Objective

What exactly do you want? What does it specifically look like to have succeeded? What does it feel like?

Step 2: Do you believe it is possible to achieve?

Notice that we are not asking if it is probable, only if it is possible. Can you visualize yourself achieving your objective?

Step 3: What are your assets?

What mechanisms come to mind as you think about achieving your goal? What are times you have done something similar? Or times you have done parts of what you need to? What would you need to learn to close the gap? How would you have to be? What attitude would serve you for this endeavor? You can be what you need to be when you need to be it!

Step 4: Focus on your Breath

Find your calm. Clear your mind now of all those thoughts. Through your breath you can attain a state of flow. As we gently focus our attention on our own breathing we are taking up the space for other thoughts. As our mind wanders we bring it back to the breath. Your breath is oxygenating your blood. It is physically calming you down. By calming your mind you are increasing the metaphorical gateway to enter the flow state of consciousness. From this place of an empty mind we are more readily able to listen to others better in communication. We will find it easier to learn new things. We improve our chances of finding solutions and ultimately success. All of this begins with our breath. Breathe with mindfulness.

Step 5: Check in Physically

Take on the appropriate posture. Look the part. Whatever phase of the journey towards your goals you are on, visualize what

Step 6: Perform naturally

With a clear mind and proper posture you will allow yourself to perform exactly how you have trained yourself to at the exact moments you need it. Note here how I am saying you will perform how you trained. In our every day lives we are training with every iteration of an action. If we are reckless in keeping our anger under control, when it comes time to perform under stress we will find anger ready to come out. When we practice patience and kindness on the regular, those trained habits will come out during crucial times.

Let’s look at these six steps through the lens of an example: A sales person about to meet a prospective client.


Get the sale.


Yes. You know your product. You know the lead has the potential to buy.

Attributes of Success

I am confident. I am charismatic. I am honest. I am knowledgeable. I am listening.


Calm, slow breathing steadying yourself before entering the arena.

Check in physically

straight spine, standing tall, shoulders back, smiling, clean teeth, fresh breath, combed hair, and nice, clean clothes


Let yourself naturally perform.

What happens after these steps, is more likely to be the desired outcome than if these steps are not taken.

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  • Avatar for Dennis Clark Dennis Clark says:

    Your list is spot on, Mr. Lapidus. What I think is especially valuable about this post is that the Six Steps are not just pie in the sky all alone – you also provide an example situation for what the can look like. Step 4 is particularly powerful, since I have a tendency to hold my breath and stop my natural flow of energy and attitude.

    All the best,

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