Category: Quotation Designs

  • Golden Ratio Design Made of Quotations about Math and Nature

    Our Golden Ratio design is made from quotations about the connection between math & nature and in the shape of a Golden Spiral and Golden Rectangle. Read all of the quotations used to build this design and learn more about the Golden Ratio.

  • Lion Design made from Quotations on Courage
  • Lotus Flower Design Quotations – Lotus Flower Meaning
  • Special Edition: Independence Day George Washington Design
  • State of California Design
  • Zen Enso Design – made entirely out of Zen Quotations
  • Big Heart Design – made entirely from quotes about heart
  • Quotations about wisdom within our Wise Owl design
  • Quotations about the meaning of the OM
  • The Buddha Quotes Used in our Buddha Design
  • The LOVE Quotes used in our Love Design