An Interview with the owners of SuTRA Midtown Yoga – Matthew & Rebecca Fritz

Think Positive Apparel sat down with the owners of Phoenix’s own SuTRA Midtown Yoga, Matthew and Rebecca Fritz, to learn about their yoga/massage/juice bar and to discuss their philosophies on yoga and life! Matt and Rebecca are an amazing couple so it is not surprising that their yoga studio is so amazing as well. Visit[…]

How to Bring About World Peace

This video looks at three key factors in bringing about world peace: Love, Compassion, and Responsibility.  

Live on Channel 3 Phoenix at the Phoenix Public Market!

Channel 3 was down at the Phoenix Public Market on Saturday Morning interviewing various farmers and artists. They had all of their interviews set for the day; however, Kalyn set a goal for us to get on, thought positively, and persisted. It would have been “easier” for her to not go up and ask them[…]

Positive News: First “Functional Cure” for HIV

There is a cure for HIV. There is a cure for cancer. There is a cure for MS and Parkinson’s. There is a cure for every virus and disease… we just need to find them. Thinking positively that cures actually exist to be found is the first step. The second is thinking positively that we,[…]