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    The Four Sided Breathing exercise is a simple tool to help calm the mind. Breathe along with this animation to get the basics of a technique you can use at any time, anywhere. Add it to your mindfulness tool belt!

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    Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. held a clear vision of how to get humanity to world peace. These selected Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes loosely put that picture together.

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    This animation offers a quick intro to the Think Possible Apparel Philosophy. We believe the right attitude in the right moment is like a super power. The Think Possible Apparel Philosophy speaks to the potential within everyone. The potential to achieve success on any possible task. What is actually possible is often times quite a larger arena than we give ourselves credit for.

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    This video looks at three key factors in bringing about world peace: Love, Compassion, and Responsibility.  

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    World Peace is Possible, right? Loading…

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  • The Basics of Deep Breathing Techniques

    The key to a truly deep breath is breathing from the diaphragm. As the breath slows down the mind will slow down. As the mind slows down we reduce stress and increase our mental focus. How often during your day or your life are you taking a truly deep breath?

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