Three Sided Breathing Technique

Use this Three Sided Breathing Technique anytime and anywhere to physically relax your body and calm your mind. The more we practice breathing exercises, the more likely we are to react with slow, deep breaths when we need to most! The three sided breathing exercise is easy! Just visualize an equilateral triangle. All three sides[…]

What Does It Mean To Be Grounded?

The following video explains what it means to be grounded: When we are grounded, we are centered and clear. From this place we are in control of our actions and not a prisoner to our reactions. Being grounded means that we are present, in the moment, and just being. It is from this place that[…]

“Flow” – A Closed Eye Visualization

You can get some sense of this, as a metaphor, by simply reading the blog below. However, I suggest you read it through two or three times, make it your own, and then meditate with it.   You can refer to previous blogs on quieting your mind, breathing techniques, and our daily grounding sessions to[…]

How to Get Grounded: The Power of Visualization

As I’ve discussed in previous posts, shifting awareness into the body is the essence of getting grounded and visualization is a powerful tool to facilitate this shift. First, it is important to understand that the mind “thinks” in the form of images. Visualization is the practice of focusing the mind and imagination using imagery. Human beings[…]

Benefits of Being Grounded

So, why would anyone want to be grounded? Why not?  All areas of life improve when one is deeply grounded and consistently practicing simple grounding techniques. First, it really does feel great. If you are a snowboarder (like me), you can compare the feeling of being grounded to that state of being you feel when[…]