Category: Affirmation Designs

  • Blue Whale Symbolism
  • Great Wave Yin Yang Design Made of Affirmations

    Look closer! The Great Wave curls against the setting sun creating the Yin Yang symbol. The entire design is made out of tiny, positive affirmations. There is a bit of the sky in the ocean and ocean in the sky with all the tiny, positive words binding each together; just like you and me!

  • Octopus in Brain Pose
  • Giraffe Design Made of Affirmations About the Symbolism of the Giraffe
  • Elephant Symbolism and the Warrior III Yoga Pose

    The elephant warrior III yoga pose design is made completely out of ‘I am’ affirmations about the symbolism of the elephant! Charge through obstacles today when you apply whichever words jump out at you first….

  • Sea Turtle Design Made of Affirmations About Its Symbolism
  • Hashtag Yoga Design
  • ‘Hamsa’ Design Made of Affirmations and Quotations