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  • San Diego Local Holiday Gift Guide 2019

    CLEO Skincare Hemlock Hat Co. Driftline Co. Blenders Eyewear Patara Shoes Kween Granola Butter Rickaroons Mika Yoga Wear Midori Bikinis Think Possible Apparel

  • Unconditional Love
  • Peace on Earth Poll

    World Peace is Possible, right? Loading…

  • Be Positive, Not Fearless
  • Live on Channel 3 Phoenix at the Phoenix Public Market!
  • The Basics of Deep Breathing Techniques

    The key to a truly deep breath is breathing from the diaphragm. As the breath slows down the mind will slow down. As the mind slows down we reduce stress and increase our mental focus. How often during your day or your life are you taking a truly deep breath?

  • Choose to Fill Your Gaps of Uncertainty with Positivity