9 Tips to Turn Your Home into Your Sanctuary

If you're feeling overwhelmed with quarantine right now and all the time spent at home, try some of these steps to turn your space into somewhere you love to be.

  1.   Make your bed everyday. I am guilty of skipping days making the bed. It is easy to make excuses to wake up and go with the kid and the pups and hunger and so forth. But how does this rushed start to the morning ripple through my day compared to slowing down and creating time to organize the starting position of my day? Over the next 30 days I’m going to do it and see if it changes the energy in our day.
  2.   Allow natural light in. First thing in the morning open up your curtains and depending on where you live, maybe even open up a window. Although, just letting natural light in will do the trick. For an added bonus do this 15 minutes before you look at your phone to give your body time to soak in the fresh new day before you turn your brain on to the all of the info from your phone.
  3.   Declutter! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just pick a small area and start there and see where it takes you. Once you finish that spot, stand back and soak in the good vibes that come from clearing out. If you really want to go for it look up the KonMari method, she’s a decluttering genius.
  4.   Bring some nature inside. With the social distancing and stores being closed, this can be a tough one, so don’t worry if there is nothing you can do right now. You can change your phone screen saver to a nature picture (think beautiful flower, mountain, ocean, grass, whatever makes your heart sing). If you do have resources on hand, get out and get your hands dirty repotting a plant or trimming up that one that’s been needing a little love.
  5.   Rethink your blankets. Make your bed and your couch your happy place, so lay out blankets that you love to cuddle with.
  6.   Utilize natural scents in your home. Get those essential oils flowing. If you don’t have essential oils you can boil some water with cinnamon, anise, etc. Utilize pinterest to look up natural ways to add scent to your home.
  7.   Get outside everyday; for a walk, to sit on the deck, hike, whatever you feel comfortable with! Getting out and getting sunlight and fresh air makes being at home so much better, especially right now when feelings of being trapped at home can come up. Go outside and take some deep breaths.
  8.   Music. Put on some music that brings you happiness. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a family (or solo) dance party. It releases energy, feelings, gets your heart rate up, and triggers feelings of happiness.
  9.   Create Art You don’t need to be Michelangelo to create art. Grab a pen and paper and follow an online tutorial or just doodle. Maybe you finally sculpt that bust of yourself out of play-dough? Or break out your favorite garageband-like app and make your own song! Be it a poem or a construction project, everything can be an art form when we apply mindfulness and an extreme focus on details and the connectivity of life.

Most of all focus on breathing, recognizing we are safe right now in this moment, and remember that whatever is to come will be best dealt with by remaining calm and working together. Be extra kind to yourself right now and allow yourself the flexibility to just feel all the feelings.

Leave a comment below to let us know your own tips for turning your home into a sanctuary.

Great Wave Yin Yang Design Made of Affirmations

Look closer! The Great Wave curls against the setting or rising sun (depending on your coast 😉 creating the Yin Yang symbol. The entire design is made out of tiny, positive affirmations. There is a bit of the sky in the ocean and ocean in the sky with all of the tiny, positive words binding each together; just like you and me!

The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Our interpretation of Katsushika Hokusai’s woodblock print, “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”, captures the frenetic curl of the iconic wave. We no longer see the boats full of huddled sailors clinging to their oars at the mercy of the tumultuous seas. Rather, the wave stands stark exposing the golden spiral.

“The Great Wave off Kanagawa” is the first of 36 woodblock prints Hokusai completed in the 1830’s at the age of 70 by the name of “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji”. He started playing with waves in his art nearly 40 years earlier! How can we hone our own areas of interest into masterful works?

Great Wave off Kanagawa by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai
“Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai in the 1830’s

This famous wave painting captivates the minds of just about everyone that encounters it making Hokusai one of Japan’s most famous artists. There were 35 other views of Mt Fuji in this series alone by Hokusai, let alone the rest of his landscape oriented, wave including works, and let alone all of the other paintings of waves from any time and anywhere! And yet if you google wave painting right now you will find “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” as THE result. The why to this phenomenon is inevitably tied to the same things that unifies all great art: incredible talent focused through art that stirs a powerful internal response in its experiencers. Stare into the “Great Wave off Kanagawa” and see what stirs in you!

Symbolism of the Yin and Yang

The Chinese yin yang symbol represents how opposites are also often complimentary and bound together. For example, the classic notion that there is a little bit of good within the bad and bad within the good. No one is all one thing. the biggest jerks have people that love them and the biggest heroes have people that hate them. People are multidimensional. When we are mindful of this truth we can look at people and situations in fuller context. Looking at things as multi-dimensional, like they really are, allows us the opportunity for more freedom.

Consider the duality of living as a human being. We have our physical experience through our five senses. And then we also have our internal experience through our thoughts and emotions. Two seemingly complete opposites but both equally real and worthy of attempting to understand how they work together.

Look Closer!

Which affirmations jump out at you today? Each time you look into the art you will see different ones. They are all true about you! You have been them all before and will be them all again. Donning the right attitude in the right moment is like a skeleton key to unlock any door in front of you!. So, whichever positive truths you read when you look closer into the art, consider them to be like your super power for the day.

A Pattern of Growth

The positive words making up the entire Yin Yang Great Wave follow a pattern going from “I am” to “You are” to “We are” affirmations. This is a pattern we all experience over and over again. When we take on something new we begin focused on how we are doing it ourselves. Then we look around and see how others are doing it. Then after much growth and practice, oscillating back and forth between focusing inwards and outwards, we eventually turn the activity into an art and flow in oneness with everyone.

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Octopus in Brain Pose

Our Octopus design is made entirely out of affirmations relevant to the symbolism of the octopus. Furthermore, do you see how the octopus is taking the shape of a human brain in profile? Perhaps this ‘brain pose’ posture exists in octopus yoga somewhere on or near the ocean floor.

Each of the eight arms corresponds to a different aspect of the octopus’ symbolism and to the function for that particular region of the brain.

The more you learn about octopuses the more remarkable they become. Octopuses can change colors to produce spectacularly effective camouflage. When in danger, they detach arms to escape predators. Then they can regrow that arm back! Some octopuses take different shapes to trick predators and prey into thinking they are different animals all together. And then of course they are incredibly intelligent. Attempting to contain an octopus? You better plan carefully! If it is at all possible octopuses will figure out how to escape.

Brain Pose is not a real yoga pose. But I like the idea of the octopus doing a special octopus yoga that humans do not have access to. So let me qualify that statement that brain pose is not a real yoga pose in human yoga. Regardless, the physical posture this octopus is taking is the shape of a profile view of a human brain. Not just because of the aesthetics but because of the incredible amount of overlap between the abilities of the human brain and the symbolism of the octopus.

While the octopus in this design is modeled after a giant pacific octopus, the affirmation words creating the art are relevant to the general symbolism of all types of octopuses. You have been all of these attitudes in some way, shape, or form before, even if it was only for a moment, and you can be them all again.

Let’s go through each arm and its corresponding brain lobe:

Arm 1 – Movement – Cerebellum

Highlighting Arm 1 of the Octopus Brain Pose Design

When you take on the attributes of the octopus related to movement you are tapping into your ability to hold an appropriate posture for whatever situation you are in. For example, you can engage your core and align your spine properly whenever you are sitting. Maybe even right now! The optimal posture for that particular activity.

There are times to tip your pelvic floor forward and times to tip it back. The more I am mindful of my posture, the more I will protect my back. I got your back, back. So if you find your eyes focused on this first arm of the Octopus consider how the words can serve your posture, balance, and life today!

Tying this arm to the ‘brain pose’ theme, this area of the brain is the Cerebellum. The Cerebellum controls balance, posture, coordinating movement, and our ability to learn to move through adjusting during trial and error.

I am fit. You are graceful. We are flowing with the motion of the ocean. I am unfolding. You are moving with ease. We are stretching. You are flexible. We are well positioned. I am gliding. You are strengthening the mind. We are gliding. I am elegant. You are strong. We are dynamic. You are well positioned. We are advancing. I am supple. You are fluid. We are balanced. I am strong. You are elegant. We are moving with ease. I am dynamic. You are holding the pose. We are flexible. I am advancing. You are balanced. We are graceful. I am stretching. I am well positioned. You are stretching. We are supple. You are fit. We are elegant. I am balanced. You are unfolding. You are advancing. We are holding the pose. We are fit. I am deft. You are deft. We are fluid. You are flowing. You are slipping through. We are free. You are dancing

Arm 2 – Being Grounded – Brainstem

Highlighting Arm 2 of the Octopus Brain Pose Design

Octopuses are bottom feeders. They live on the ocean floor with ease despite the crushing pressures of all the water and atmosphere above them. Arm 2 of the octopus represents concepts round being grounded, connected, and submerged within our beingness. So dive deeper into the second arm on our octopus design and see which affirmations you connect with.

Arm 2 lines up with the brainstem which controls breathing, heart rate, and other automated functions as well as the flow of information between the mind and the body.

When you focus on this section of the design recognize your own connection to both mind and body through the breath. Take a deep, slow one now. Feel your mind quiet, your heart rate slow, and your body relax as you submerge into oneness. Thus allowing us to let go of anxious thoughts about the future and attachments to the past that are shaping our experience in a way we do not like. Learning to properly use our breath and meditate are two important tools in shaping the relationship between our consciousness and our world, the internal and the external, or the physical and the spiritual. Too important to ignore! Breathe deep and look into arm two.

I am ready. You are present. We are concentrating on the present moment. I am awakening. You are patient. I am connected. You are at ease. We are rooted. I am making peace. You are immersed in the present moment. We are experiencing being. You are making peace. We are here now. We are grounded. You are relaxed. We are present. I am mindful. You are centered. We are mindful. You are experiencing being. We are at ease. We are meditative. I am peaceful. We are living in the present moment. You are meditative. We are awakening. I am slowing down. You are connected. I am present. You are exploring the depths.

Arm 3 – sequencing and organization / memory- Temporal Lobe

Highlighting Arm 3 of the Octopus Brain Pose Design

If you are drawn towards the third arm on our octopus brain pose design you may need to call forth your capacity to find the important information while taking in lots at once. The 8 arms of the octopus represent an ability to multitask and bring focused purpose to the chaos. When we feel overwhelmed we can tap into these aspects of the octopus and find within ourselves an ability to organize, prioritize, and find what is useful within a vast metaphorical sea of life.

Arm three of the octopus design ties into the temporal lobe of the brain. The temporal lobe handles making sense of the chaos. We hear so many sounds. They would all just be noise if it were not for this important part of the brain. We can take those different sounds, find the ones that are important, and turn them into meaningful words or a signal of danger. To pull off this amazing feet our temporal lobes process sensory information and are responsible for a lot of aspects of our complex memory.

I am multitasking. You are multitasking. I am handling it. You are handling it. I am holding on. You are holding on. We are holding on. I am creating solutions. You are creating solutions. You are dedicated. We are dedicated. I am active. We are active. I am solving puzzles of life. We are solving puzzles of life. I am searching for useful patterns. You are searching for useful patterns. I am leading. You are leading. I am united. We are united. I am synchronized. You are synchronized. We are synchronized. I am getting a good grip. You are organizing. You are skillful. We are skillful. I am doing something different. You are reasoning. We are reasoning. We are exploring.

Arm 4 & Arm 5 – Self Awareness, Emotion, and Intelligence – Frontal Lobe

Octopuses are very well known for their intelligence. Their ability to find solutions to complex puzzles is rivaled only by humans. Finding these solutions requires creativity and a level of understanding that exposes a high level of thinking.

While we may not be able to test for this directly yet, some people believe octopuses are capable of thoughts beyond concepts of pleasure and pain but maybe jealousy and compassion. It makes sense that emotions and thoughts, once believed only humans could have, would be present in creatures that exhibit such intelligence. I mean even my dogs have unique personalities. So advanced thinkers like an octopus could be having a very profound internal experience.

Highlighting Arm 4 of the Octopus Brain Pose Design

Highlighting Arm 5 of the Octopus Brain Pose Design

What does it mean to be you? What distinguishes any of us from anyone else? One of the most important parts of answering those questions lies in understanding the frontal lobe. Also known as the “control panel of our personality”, the frontal lobe allows for such things as emotional expression, problem solving, and judgement.

All those important functions give the frontal lobe a good chunk of real estate. So we gave the frontal lobe two arms; both 4 and 5. Jump in and tap into your higher level thinking and own uniqueness!

Here are the words making up arm 4

I am intelligent. I am aware. You are strategic. We are original. I am independent. You are exploring. We are patient. I am powerful. You are consciously participating. I am unique. We are understanding. You are decisive. You are creative. You are tactful. We are planning. We are original. You are conscious. I am clearly perceiving myself. You are watching your thoughts. We are witnessing our internal experiences.

And here are the words making up arm 5:

You are adapting. We are overcoming. I am strong willed. We are versatile. You are capable. I am tenacious. I am learning. I am growing. We are transformed. We are transcending. You are creating. I am incognito. I am strengthening the mind. We are strengthening the mind. I am adaptable. I am clever. You are reflecting. You are bettering your understanding your self. You are aware of your behaviors. You are contemplating. You are clearly perceiving yourself. I am watching my thoughts. We are witnessing our internal experiences. You are smart. We are ingenious

Arm 6 – Sensing – Motor Strip / Sensory Strip

Highlighting Arm 6 of the Octopus Brain Pose Design

Each arm of the octopus is full of so many nerves and sensors that some people consider each arm to be its own autonomous brain! Arm 6 of our brain pose Octopus design calls forth the aspects of ourselves that tie into Octopus symbolisms surrounding abundance and perceiving the information of our world.

Within the human brain arm 6 overlaps with the sensory-motor strip. It is a part of the Parietal Lobe, which we will get to in more detail in arm 7. The sensory-motor strip registers sensations. If you are looking into arm 6 you are finding aspects of yourself tied to sensing the world around you. Life without sensing the world we live in would be tragic. I am grateful for my perception of the world allowing me to bare witness!

I am sensing. I am abundant. You are abundant. You are expanding. We are expanding. You are wealthy. We are complete. I am generous. You are enough. I am feeling. We are feeling. I am balanced. We are balanced. We are taking it all in. I am acquiring information. You are acquiring information. You are noticing. You are perceiving. We are perceiving. We are adjusting based on new information. You are interpreting signals. I am processing multiple streams of data. You are in control. I am detecting. I am connecting. I am exploring my feelings. We are observing.

Arm 7 – Interprets language, spacial, and visual perceptions – Parietal Lobe

Highlighting Arm 7 of the Octopus Brain Pose Design

I mentioned earlier how an octopus can release an arm and then grow it back. They perceive, react, and heal. We are capable of this cycle as well when facing challenges. Looking into arm 7 yields affirmations relevant to the symbolism of an octopus about interpreting, understanding, releasing, and healing.

Our own Parietal Lobe, located in the region of arm 7, controls the processing of information allowing us to interpret the world around us. We use the Parietal Lobe in turning things like impulses from the skin into concepts of touch, pain, warmth, and cold.

I am interpreting. You are releasing. We are regenerating. I am renewing. I am healing. I am letting go. We are rejuvenated. We are renewed. You are healed. I am protecting. You are free. You are healthy. We are responding well. You are resilient. We are recognizing attachments. I am understanding where I am. You are expressing. You are comprehending. You are seeing where you want to go. We are well oriented. I am mathematical We are linguistic I am mathematical.

Arm 8 – Vision – Occipital Lobe

Highlighting Arm 8 of the Octopus Brain Pose Design

When you look into arm 8 of our octopus brain pose design you will see attitudes related to perceiving the world. In the physical sense this literally means seeing things clearly. Metaphorically, you can can apply this idea of vision to tapping into the concepts about leadership and witnessing the infinite internal experience.

Arm 8 is located in the back of the brain where the Occipital Lobe is. All mammal brains have this lobe and use it mostly as the visual cortex.

Feast your eyes on arm 8’s affirmations about your own capacity to see through illusions and find possibilities you want.

You have an eye for details You are recognizing yourself in others. We are exploring the depths of our consciousnesses. I am envisioning the goal. I am witnessing. You are good luck. You are protected. I am talented. You are surprising. I am inspired. You are patiently observing. We are seeing clearly. I am looking for solutions. We are looking for solutions. We are seeking. We are seeing through illusion. I am visualizing success. You are visualizing success. I am searching the possibilities. You are searching the possibilities. I am making good use of the information. I am healthily digesting experiences.


Ther head of our octopus design grabs affirmations from all 8 of the arms and mixes them together representing unity and synchronicity.

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Giraffe Design Made of Affirmations About the Symbolism of the Giraffe

Our Giraffe Design is made out of affirmations relevant to the symbolism of the giraffe.

Our Giraffe design screen printed on a ladies flowy racerback tank top in mauve

SYMBOLISM OF THE GIRAFFE: Getting a higher view — seeing the big picture — vision

Giraffes’ most obvious traits is their long necks. Practically speaking this gives them a great advantage at finding food since so few animals can reach where they can. But the other big advantage of a long neck is the ability to see much further than lower animals. This gives them the ability to see danger coming earlier. With great height comes great vision. With a higher view of things you can more easily see the whole picture or the big picture. In turn, you will have a better understanding of the full situation allowing you to better understand your options. And allowing you to more easily see the path leading you towards your goal.

SYMBOLISM OF THE GIRAFFE: Rising Above — Patience — Gentle Demeanor

When we rise above a situation we are letting go of our ego. We become a witness to what is happening without getting emotionally wrapped up in reacting to it. Giraffes literally rise above. But in a mindful sense they seem to move with great intention. Outside of dangerous situations they move slowly and with care. This serves them well in a hot environment. It also gives someone watching them the impression that they have a very gentle demeanor and great patience. When we rise above a situation it will be fleeting if we do not combine it with patience. Patience with ourselves and with others.

A closer look at our Giraffe design screen printed on a ladies flowy racerback tank top in mauve

SYMBOLISM OF THE GIRAFFE: Gracefulness — Dignified — Confident

Giraffe’s have incredibly long legs that appear slender but are incredibly powerful. one of their best defenses is a mighty kick with their back legs. Most species protect their necks at all costs. Giraffes expose theirs in such an exaggerated way it is hard not to feel their confidence. They gracefully swing long limbs and their long neck with no sign of clumsiness. There is also a strong sense of dignity with someone that is standing tall and rising above the lure of the ego. Keep your head held high and feel your power as you gracefully move through this world.

SYMBOLISM OF THE GIRAFFE: Stretching towards your best self

The giraffe reminds us to stretch towards our best self. With a better understanding of the big picture we can see our role in it more clearly in it. At any given moment we can strive for the best version of our self by rising above the ego.

Our Giraffe design screen printed on a men's crew neck t-shirt in green


Giraffes represent having a clear perception of the truth. This symbolism can be attributed to having their heads so high to see the farther into the horizon and thus the big picture. Another contributing fact about giraffes to this notion of perceiving truth is their two ossicones on top of their heads at their crown chokra. Some people look at those as antenna that allow them to tap into the spirit realm. With this extra sensory perception comes the ability to see more than just what is visually before us. We can exhibit foresight and see future trends.

SYMBOLISM OF THE GIRAFFE: Heightened awareness

Giraffes only sleep for roughly five minute increments adding up to no more than 30 minutes every 24 hours. So in pure minutes of alertness per day giraffes are practically unrivaled. Combine this with the view from their tall neck perches allowing them to see further and you have an extreme example of heightened awareness. While sleeping so little would undoubtedly dull a human’s cognitive functions the notion that we can be even more aware in any given situation is a nice connection to this aspect of the symbolism of the giraffe. When we take on the spirit of the giraffe we are opening ourselves to becoming even more aware of the abundance of opportunities surrounding us all the time.

Expansion of Awareness

Speaking of awareness… The affirmations in the Giraffe design expand from the “I am” statements, to ‘You are’, and then ‘We are’. This represents a pattern everyone goes through over and over again as we begin new endeavors. Take learning yoga for example. I start in my own head having an internal experience centered on how I am doing a new act. Then I look at you and compare my way to yours. Finally, when we are simply doing the act with everyone else doing it, we are all together flowing as a ‘we’. All three stages are important and a part of the process.

Affirmations in this Giraffe design

Here are all of the affirmations we used in this design. All of them are relevant to the symbolism of the giraffe:

· I am seeing the big picture
· You are applying foresight
· We are making healthy choices
· I am creating opportunity
· You are unique
· We are reaching
· I am being true to myself
· You are meditating
· We are quietly observing
· I am finding courage
· You are maintaining balance
· We are exuding dignity
· I am graceful
· You are moving deliberately
· We are surefooted
· I am keeping my head up
· You are kind
· We are reaching for the stars
· I am aspiring
· You are questioning current perspectives
· We are envisioning good things
· I am patient
· You are growing spiritually
· We are honorable
· I am growing
· You are moving slowly
· We are maintaining balance
· I am walking my talk
· You are trusting instincts
· We are contemplating
· I am setting big goals
· You are confident
· We are discovering new opportunities
· I am keep goals in plain sight
· You are exuding dignity
· We are fabulous
· I am applying foresight
· You are empathetic
· We are walking our talk
· I am remaining grounded
· You are keeping your head up
· We are tender hearted
· I am envisioning good things
· You are reconnecting
· We are in tune
· I am standing tall
· You are stretching
· We are seeing the big picture
· I am elegant
· You are powerful
· We are powerful
· I am striving
· You are looking far into the horizon
· We are finding courage
· I am flexible
· You are in tune
· We are trusting instincts
· I am moving deliberately
· You are protecting
· We are creating opportunity
· I am fabulous
· You are connecting with your higher self
· We are elegant
· I am empathetic
· You are bold
· We are taking aim at tall targets
· I am rising above
· You are growing
· We are sense what’s coming
· I am engaging with unique perspectives
· You are taking the high road
· We are standing strong
· I am seeing more clearly
· You are creating opportunity
· We are meditating
· I am grateful
· You are taking aim at tall targets
· We are keep goals in plain sight
· I am honorable
· You are rising above the crowd
· We are seeing the context
· I am maintaining balance
· You are quietly observing
· We are rising above
· I am protecting
· You are seeing future trends
· We are respected
· I am intuitive
· You are gentle
· We are growing spiritually
· I am trusting instincts
· You are walking gently
· We are keeping our heads up
· I am unique
· You are making healthy choices
· We are quieting the mind
· I am looking far into the horizon
· You are standing strong
· We are patient
· I am tender hearted
· You are finding courage
· We are graceful
· I am adhering to a strong personal code
· You are seeing the context
· We are flexible
· I am moving slowly
· You are gaining perspective
· We are stretching
· I am bold
· You are being true yourself
· We are perceiving truth
· I am wisely using resources
· You are elegant
· We are connecting with our higher selves
· I am taking the high road
· You are quieting the mind
· We are questioning current perspectives
· I am in tune
· You are aspiring
· We are grateful
· I am gaining perspective
· You are seeking the best in life
· We are confident
· I am questioning current perspectives
· You are striving
· We are protecting
· I am gentle
· You are fabulous
· We are wisely using resources
· I am meditating
· You are walking your talk
· We are moving slowly
· I am reconnecting
· You are intuitive
· We are walking gently
· I am stretching
· You are seeing the big picture
· We are reconnecting
· I am contemplating
· You are reaching for the stars
· We are rising up to challenges
· I am sense what’s coming
· You are flexible
· We are bold
· I am seeking the best in life
· You are rising up to challenges
· We are looking far into the horizon
· I am heightening awareness
· You are remaining grounded
· We are growing
· I am reaching
· You are centered
· We are standing tall
· I am reaching for the stars
· You are adhering to a strong personal code
· We are gentle
· I am confident
· You are reaching
· We are seeking the best in life
· I am respected
· You are envisioning good things
· We are empathetic
· I am growing spiritually
· You are engaging with unique perspectives
· We are unique
· I am exuding dignity
· You are perceiving truth
· We are engaging with unique perspectives
· I am kind
· You are rising above
· We are seeing future trends
· I am rising up to challenges
· You are setting big goals
· We are striving
· I am powerful
· You are honorable
· We are centered
· I am walking gently
· You are tender hearted
· We are seeing more clearly
· I am centered
· You are discovering new opportunities
· We are kind
· I am connecting with my higher self
· You are seeing more clearly
· We are aspiring
· I am standing strong
· You are heightening awareness
· We are being true ourselves
· I am seeing the context
· You are graceful
· We are intuitive
· I am quieting the mind
· You are sense what’s coming
· We are gaining perspective
· I am quietly observing
· You are keep goals in plain sight
· We are remaining grounded
· I am making healthy choices
· You are grateful
· We are adhering to a strong personal code
· I am thoughtful
· You are standing tall
· We are applying foresight
· I am seeing future trends
· You are patient
· We are heightening awareness
· I am rising above the crowd
· You are surefooted
· We are thoughtful
· I am discovering new opportunities
· You are wisely using resources
· We are moving deliberately
· I am perceiving truth
· You are thoughtful
· We are setting big goals
· I am taking aim at tall targets
· You are respected
· We are rising above the crowd
· I am surefooted
· You are contemplating
· We are taking the high road

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