Incorporating meditation, mindfulness, and positive thinking into life


Golden Ratio Design Made of Quotations about Math and Nature

Our Golden Ratio design is made from quotations about the connection between math & nature and in the shape of a Golden Spiral and Golden Rectangle. Read all of the quotations used to build this design and learn more about the Golden Ratio.

Elephant Symbolism and the Warrior III Yoga Pose
Three Sided Breathing Technique
San Diego Comic-Con 2017
Sea Turtle Design Made of Affirmations About Its Symbolism
Positive Interactions: Multi-Dimensional Thinking
Street Interviews: Tips for Positive Communication
Four Sided Breathing Exercise Animation
Lion Design made from Quotations on Courage
Street Interviews: What are your favorite things about humanity?
Street Interviews: Ideas for World Peace

Watch as street interviewer extraordinaire Ron Cecchetti asks some positive thinkers at the Hillcrest Farmers Market in San Diego, Ca: What are your ideas for world peace?

Universal Principles for Being a Human Being
Lotus Flower Design Quotations – Lotus Flower Meaning
The World Peace Playbook by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Positive Responsibility: Google Search Tips and Fact Checking
Positive Animation Explaining the Think Possible Apparel Philosophy

This animation offers a quick intro to the Think Possible Apparel Philosophy. We believe the right attitude in the right moment is like a super power. The Think Possible Apparel Philosophy speaks to the potential within everyone. The potential to achieve success on any possible task. What is actually possible is often times quite a larger arena than we give ourselves credit for.

Positivity in Motion: when bad poop happens we are all good
Special Edition: Independence Day George Washington Design
How to Start Meditating Right Now
Love is the Force that Transforms